Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

The latest Daily Prompt question is about sleep and asks “What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?”.

This question is not easy to answer for me due to my sleep problems. There can be weeks were everything is ok and one week later I don´t get the eye´s closed or can´t sleep through the night. And then there are sometimes days were I could sleep all the day. A doctor was a little bit confused when he got my answer after asking me about my sleep pattern. He was confused because I laughed and answered “There is not something like a sleep pattern or rhythm”. As said, my sleep rhythm can change within days.

I know everything. Problems to fall asleep, problems to sleep through the night. But I also know the opposite very well like problems to wake up and problems to stay awake the whole day. I know very well, what a night shift is and what it means to be awake all the night but there are days, weeks or months when everything is just normal and when I am awake at daytime like everyone else. And there are even days I am awake for 24 hours to see day and night. It changes and I am not sure about the trigger.

As said, sometimes there is no sleep pattern but I learned to live with the problem. I rather would say it is a minor problem compared to some other things I experienced, like the depression and the anxiety disorder some time ago. I feel good at the moment and I really can live with sleep problems. I mean as long as the other things won´t hit me again, I am fine with sleep problems. There are some up and downs, but it isn´t as horrible as it sounds. At the moment, my sleep problems are for example set back to normal. It works since over a month now but that can change fast, as mentioned. The changing sleep patterns are maybe still one of my construction areas, however I learned some strategies to control the patterns, even if they won´t work always. But I can live with it.

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