Meeting Friends, Talking, And A Few Beer

Lück Beer

The last weeks were pretty much stressful but I am not the only one who thinks so, a friend called me and said his weeks were horrible too and he asked me if I would like to meet him to drink a few beer and to have a chat. I didn´t think about it much and said instantly yes. We met each other and called a few other friends who stopped by as well.

We went right into the store and bought some beer and went outside, and watched out for the next park bench. We opened our beer and started to talk. We didn´t do that very often the last time and if so, it was winter and we were inside. But the weather gets a little bit better and we wanted to take some fresh air.

It was a great day and we had a lot of fun and the beer was tasty, considering that we drank our last beer months ago. But if you come together with your friends, it´s like if you can put all the stress away. We could have met each other anywhere else, but it doesn´t matter where, it´s mainly about meeting each other. I mean even if a park bench can cause prejudices in the heads of the people who run past. But we don´t care. It´s about us, about the beer and to have a chat.

We were five people and it is somewhat strange that anybody of us had to talk about the stressful experiences of the last weeks and I guess it´s just our time and people don´t get the heads free due to the job stress, bureaucracy or health problems and other subjects. We talked about the things and you really can see how people need to talk about the things to feel better. I think that is why friends are so important. After thirty minutes we all were done with subjects related to stress and talked about more funny things. That is how you get your mind free.

We all drunk three beer, that was a Lück Beer which is brewed in Lübeck where we live at. You can even see it on the label as there is a Holstentor on the beer, which is the landmark of Lübeck. The beer is pretty tasty!

We laughed a lot and it is pretty funny to meet my mates. I wish we could do that more often but we are over thirty years old now, and you know what that means. But we don´t forget each other even if there is not much time. We don´t forget it and if we come together, we have a lot of fun. I know them all my whole life and it´s as if you would meet the family, that was my feeling when I went home.

We planned already that we will meet again next month when it is even warmer. This time maybe a more creative idea and location. But it was a spontaneous meeting yesterday. It´s just some time and then it´s beach weather, which could be a good idea but as said, we plan things rather impulsively when there is free time. But that´s what I like about them. It doesn´t matter where, it does matter that we come together. It was a great day with my friends.

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