Spontaneous Birthday Party Of A Friend…

A friend had birthday last saturday and he didn´t plan anything but when I called him on his birthday and after talking some minutes, he said that we could still plan a spontaneous party. I said why not and he invited a few other friends who called him later. We went to the store and bought a bottle whisky and a lot of beer. I told him “Mate, I am not 20 anymore and as I understand there are also not 20 people invited to your party to empty all the drinks!” but he said nevermind and who knows what happens.


What happened, was that we drank a little bit too much (well, the whisky cola was somewhat tasty) and it´s now monday and I do still fight with the hangover. I loved to be on a party when I was 20 and I was there basically every weekend. I loved to have people around me and all the shenanigans and when I woke up after a friday party for example and if someone called me for the next party, I usually just answered “Where do we meet each other, I am in a few minutes there!”. But as said, I am not 20 anymore and a hangover today is like three days headache and what not. But indeed, this is great as it makes you think “Now, please no more birthdays or other celebrations, I am done”.

What I want to say is… At times it can be funny and I have no problem to have a few drinks but it´s way enough if that happens two or three times a year and not more (laughing). But anyway, it was a good saturday but now it´s enough for some time. Today I really prefer to be couch potato and I think this is good so.

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