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Expedia Will Now Accept Bitcoin For Hotel Bookings

It´s not so long ago when the company Overstock started to accept Bitcoin as a payment method but now there is a new company jumping on the train, Expedia the travel website. Expedia is two times as big as Overstock and
they make use of Coinbase, which is a startup that helps people and companies to accept Bitcoin and the service also simplifies the way to accept Bitcoin. Coinbase is maybe one of the reasons why more and more companies start to think about Bitcoin. Now we have already a few bigger companies on board.

Michael Gulmann Expedia’s vice president of global product mentioned about the Bitcoin “This is one of those ideas that seemed to have sprung from three different places all at once,” and meant that the engineers, the product developers and the business developers started to think about Bitcoin at the same time.
He also said “Bitcoin is becoming a viable currency,” and “”The path Bitcoin is on is in some ways what PayPal was on. At first it seems strange … but it’s going to become more mainstream.” as he compares.

But he also stated “We want to start at a reasonable, small place,” and meant that Expedia will accept Bitcoin only for hotel bookings as a test for now. If the test works well, they want to expand it to other services like cars and airplane flights as well.

So, this is quite good for the Cryptocurrency. It´s interesting to see that some companies see potential and that there is more and more acceptance. It´s interesting to follow how far this will go.

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