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Month: June 2014

Fly On The Wall

I shot the image some days ago with my point and shoot camera but I had some luck because the fly on the wall didn´t react well when I came […]

Steam Summer Sale 2014 – Day 6

It´s day 6 of the Steam Summer Sale and there are new daily offers on the Steam website. Here is the complete list of todays offers: Age of Wonders III […]

Grilled Wienerwürstchen

Above you can see a sausage that we call “Wiener Würstchen” here in Germany and I think the English name is “Vienna sausage”. You can eat this sausage raw but […]

Snapshot In The Forest

I took the snapshot above anywhere in the forest near Salem in Germany. Not a very good image but I like forests and don´t have many forest photos on my […]