Universe Sandbox Giveaway For Steam Gamers

You are gamer? Steam user? I recently wrote about two possibilities to win games that you can redeem on Steam. At the moment I do host a giveaway of Universe Sandbox on Steamgifts. So, if you are Steam user, take your chance to grab this game and queue to the giveaway to find out if the dice and luck is on your side. Universe Sandbox is an interactive space simulator created by Dan Dixon. In this simulator you can explore our galaxy and mess around or experiment with planets, moons and stars. You can even mess around with the mass, … Continue reading Universe Sandbox Giveaway For Steam Gamers

Yet Another Garden Gnome

Found this guy in the garden of my mother and her husband. There are still some remains of the former garden owners. Although, it´s not unusual to find garden gnomes in a German garden, it would rather be a wonder if you wouldn´t find one in a Garden here. I posted already a photo of garden gnomes some time ago. My mother does have some garden gnomes on her balcony. Well, as said, they are everywhere in Germany. It´s a typical German phenomenon I believe, or let me say that I am at least not sure if they are so … Continue reading Yet Another Garden Gnome

Two Legit Websites Where Gamers Can Win And Give Away Free Steam Games

I am not really a big fan of contests, raffles, sweepstakes, giveaways or how else you could name any possibilities to win something for free. But this is due to the fact that most of them don´t only give you the possibility to win something, they usually also demand something such as too much privacy data, access to any of your social media accounts or even permission to post there. Some go even so far to rip you off with contracts that are hidden in a text wall of general terms and conditions. But if I am very sure that … Continue reading Two Legit Websites Where Gamers Can Win And Give Away Free Steam Games

One Does Not Simply Conceal Delicious Treats From Cats

I thought it is time to create a new cat meme for my meme collection. I found the image above on my computer and the image is just one or two months old. I wonder why I never uploaded it. Maybe because I have a gazillion of photos and I can´t and won´t upload them all at the same time. This photo of Shyna is in my opinion pretty funny. I was holding her favorite cat treats in my hands but she realized this very fast. You know, animals have a nice scent ability. I thought I need to caption … Continue reading One Does Not Simply Conceal Delicious Treats From Cats

New Black And White Kitty Photo

Didn´t upload photos of Shyna for a while. Found the image above in my folders. The photo must be two months old or so. I edited the image with Photoshop. I added lens blur around her and a vignette effect. I also did add a black and white gradient map to make the image look monochromatic. There are maybe too much highlights where the white fur is but other than that, I really like the image. What do you think? Continue reading New Black And White Kitty Photo