Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

The Daily Post came up with a nice Daily Prompt today that they call Musical Marker. If you listen and like music, it´s often that you get memories if you listen to song that you heard in a special period of your life. Today, the question is about the music that could remind us of the summer 2014 if we hear the song in the future.

I love this question because I love music and listen pretty much music. Usually I would say that it´s hard to answer because I have many favorite songs in certain periods and my taste can change often or I simply discover new songs that the list gets bigger and bigger. But for summer 2014 there is one song that I really heard pretty often and it´s a song that is currently in the German charts and they do play this song several times a day in the radio for example.

The song is by Lilly Wood & The Prick but it´s the remix by Robin Schulz and the song is called Prayer in C. To be honest, this is a song that forced me to instantly move some of my body parts because the beat works so well and the melody is beautiful. Here is the Robin Schulz remix on YouTube…

But even the original song is beautiful. Here is the original version of Lilly Wood & The Prick on stage and live…

This song works so well in my ears. For dancing and party I really prefer the beat of the remix but I even like the original version as said.
If I will hear this song years later, it will probably instantly remind me to the summer 2014 because I have heard this song everywhere this summer.

What is you song of the summer 2014?

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