Not Far Away From The Nikon D7100

As I mentioned some time ago, I do save money for a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera. I think most would agree, saving money is not always easy because at times there appear other unscheduled costs. However, I am very patient and motivated when I want to get to something special. So, to make it short and to motivate myself again, I am now not that far away from the camera anymore. Overall I did put €630 into my money-box. Then I got a little bit sick about my Bitcoin “investment” as the exchange rate of this currency is still crazy … Continue reading Not Far Away From The Nikon D7100

My Special Pasta Bolognese

I am not one of those who can conjure the greatest dishes in the kitchen. What I mean is that I don’t really know how this and that is done, which means the list of dishes that I can cook is rather small. Apart from that I am too lazy to cook and too lazy to learn other dishes or new things. However, the dishes I can cook, they are perfect, and I know, self-praise is no recommendation. But there are moments when you think you have outdone yourself. Today it happened again, that’s why I am excited right now. … Continue reading My Special Pasta Bolognese

Microsoft Does Accept Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin gains more acceptance. Another big company starts to accept Bitcoin and this time it is Microsoft. They made it now possible to add funds to your Microsoft account via Bitcoin. You can’t use Bitcoin directly to buy content or products, however, you can use Bitcoin to add funds to your Microsoft account and with the money you can make purchase apps, games and more for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. In the official announcement of Microsoft they mention that they work together with BitPay, the leading payment processor of the Bitcoin ecosystem. If you used Bitcoin to add funds … Continue reading Microsoft Does Accept Bitcoin Now

Feeding Time

I shot the photo above when I fed Shyna. She’s sometimes a little bit hasty and bites in my thumb but not so much that it hurts. Some time ago it was different and I had to break her habit to bite fingers. Whenever she was too hasty and bit me, I went away with the delicious treats and she learned why I go away with the tasty snacks. She is still hasty today but she is now more careful with my fingers. Continue reading Feeding Time