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Recent Changes to WordPress User Interface

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Recent Changes to the WordPress User Interface

In reference to the hosted service.

There is a WordPress Forum Topic on this subject here:-

It currently has more than 280 posts of complaint on that thread alone.  All WordPress users have access to the forum and a right to use it.

To add your comments, use the link and go to the bottom of the last page.  Many specific complaints have been given, so you do not need to do more than state whether you do or do not like the changes, unless you wish to comment further.

There is also an option to subscribe to the thread by email notification and be kept up to date…

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  1. Thank you Dennis for reblogging this, I had no idea that there was a topic about this at the Forums (it is good that people are joining together again, but it sad that most people do not know about this; and that I did not know about this topic until now), there are things that I do not like about these changes as well; and so I might consider commenting there once I read through all the pages of comments first. 😉

    -John Jr

    • I think you will have to read a lot then 😀 It’s quite a popular thread. 😀 Yes, it’s very great that people are joining together but it seems that they will force the changes on us anyway, but it’s good that people protest against it.

      • Yes! 😀

        I am still trying to read through the comments but like you said in that topic Dennis, I almost do not know where to start with my complaints because there have been so many negative changes and more are being made constantly that it is overwhelming, and I am just tired of spending so much time giving recommendations/feedback/complaints and bug reports; especially since/when they seem to be ignoring most of the recommendations/feedback/complaints and not learning from their mistakes (they are doing better with bug reports though), and there is a big disconnect/difference between what the developers want/like and what us users want/like. 😦

        Just trying to read through the comments is depressing and I do not even feel like finishing reading them or joining in because it will probably distract/discourage me from wanting to continue blogging here or at all, but I might try to join that topic anyway eventually before they close it like they usually do.

        -John Jr

      • Exactly how I think. This is why I mentioned there that I am not really in the mood for a beta test. Apart from that, I experienced with the older changes that they ask for feedback, but when you give feedback, they don’t care as you said. Often they don’t even understand the feedback or it seems as if it is stalling technique to make us feel like “Wow, they listen to us”.

        And yes, the amount of issues is a big problem. It’s really hard to decide where to start and you would need analyze every aspect of the changes, and often they do even ask for screenshots. I am not sure, it takes time and we all have not much time. That is the reason why I kept my complains broad too. When I had a little more time, I posted there but it is quite frustrating. It’s normal that some do even start to rant, I did that too, it’s just because speaking with “a wall” is no fun. The changes are aparent and it’s a shame that we have to explain them what they changed.

        Still it is very important to comment there. I think we got them so far with the beep beep boop drama in the old thread that we today can still use the classic editor. I hope that at least this will also happen with the stats, that we can use the classic stats. I will at times comment in this thread, well, until they close it again as you say correctly, because that’s what they often did.

      • I agree with you Dennis, and once again I hope that things will improve based on feedback/complaints/suggestions/and more.

        Also it would be nice if the Classic Stats got some of the past updated features like what countries visitors are from, and other missing things like that which were never added to the Classic Dashboard or Classic Stats for some unknown reason(s).

        -John Jr

      • I hope that too because overall I am quite happy with WordPress as a CMS and I didn’t plan to self-host, well, unless they drive me crazy with more changes. But I have the same hope, let’s see if they take the feedback to improve their product.

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