Shake Hands Kitty

Not much new stories to tell, I’ve been quite busy with some bureaucratic stuff over the last days. You know, annoying paperwork and so. Apart from that, we had some really good days here and I would say we have the first signs of spring weather. The husband of my mother and me went to the garden last sunday and we saw first flowers and noticed the first warm sunbeams. I didn’t take much pictures that day, I maybe have some on my phone. But I have a new photo of Shyna for you as you can see above. With … Continue reading Shake Hands Kitty

Do You Listen Music While Doing The Housework?

I never thought that doing the housework would inspire me to write a blog post. Think again, it happened. First of all, the problem with the tension in the neck is less annoying today, and then I feel quite happy today and not sure why I am in such a good mood. Anyway, I felt a little bit bored after shopping and thought I clean my rooms and do some housework like washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and so. When I do this, I usually turn on my computer and YouTube to listen music. So, doing the housework doesn’t … Continue reading Do You Listen Music While Doing The Housework?

Tension In The Neck

That feeling when you can’t turn your head to one side anymore. It seems I have a tension in the neck. I had this a few times in my life, I guess we all had this at least once in our life? I still can remember the last time I had that, it was quite annoying. Now I have it again and it happened when I looked behind me, it seems I twisted a muscle or nerve while doing this. You know when you get old, ok now I am kidding because once I had a tension in the neck … Continue reading Tension In The Neck