Blogging Hiatus For Some Days

I will design a business logo for a friend who is busy with the formation of a company. I will also advise him about hosting providers and the domain he needs for his soon self-hosted website. Later I will install WordPress on his server and I want to search and customize a suitable template for his site.

This will keep me busy for some days. It might be that I publish some posts here on my blog, but I probably won’t. I don’t want to have too much screen time or my eyes will bleed. He is the second person in my circles that I help with this kind of stuff. I am glad that some of my fellows become businessman.

People really have a hard time here in Germany since the implementation of the Euro currency, I know several people who have a difficult time to get around a month, they work so much but can only just afford to pay for living and the bills and many of them can not put something aside for example to travel or to buy things.

But at times there are also good news. I am really happy to hear that some do try alternative routes. When companies only pay starvation wages, you probably need to do it on your own. I know my friend is very good at what he was doing earlier, now that he forms a company in this sector, I really wish him to be successful with the business.

4 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus For Some Days

  1. I hope your friend’s business does well. I think that by the time you have finished working on his project each day you will be wanting to have a break from the computer and possibly get out with your camera or play with Shyna. We’ll see you when you are done.

    1. He told me that he worked already on several contracts. Looks like the order situation is good. I hope the best for him too. He is doing already some business but without logo and so, which is why he needs that now.

      I showed him already several logo concepts. It’s sometimes difficult to create logos for people because they wish to have all kind of stuff in the logo, but that’s not how it is working,.. modern logos are minimalistic, I really dislike logos with too much nick-nack. I have already my own favorite and try to convince him to use it, but at the end it is his decision, he can choose from some good concepts I created.

      I worked already on it yesterday and today for a long time, you are right, I will shut down the PC now to make my eyes rest 🙂

  2. You could be writing about the U.S.A. The economy tanked worldwide a few years ago and it hasn’t recovered yet. I suppose it will revive eventually, but it’s not going well for a lot of people.

    1. Yes but in the case of the Euro there was another problem back then as well. 10 DM were worth 5 Euro, but what happened was that the retail industry and any other industry didn’t adjust the priced of products and services. Product that were worth 10 DM are now worth 10 Euro (20 DM, so basically doubled), thus all people had now 50% less money while the income did not increase, if you earned 2400 DM, you do now earn 1200 Euro. This is the reason why many Germans who are old enough to know the DM, do still dream of it. The economy problems made it just worse.

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