Beautiful Husky Dog

One of my neighbors has a beautiful husky dog, it’s the dog you see in the photo. I shot some more photos of the dog but if you know me, I do always save some for future uploads like winter time or just any time I want to edit or upload them. I like to have two strings for one bow. I am also too lazy to prepare one than one photo at a time for a single blog post. I am not happy how I framed the dog, I wish I would have taken the image that the whole … Continue reading Beautiful Husky Dog

Yellow Flowers

I didn’t post any flower photos for a long time. There are several reasons, it took some time this year until I saw the first ones but then I got my first DSLR. The kit lens is a problem when it comes to flower photography, I don’t want to say that you can not take pictures of flowers with it, but I like to get extremely close to the flower and that is not really possible. The photo above is shot with my kit lens and I wouldn’t be able to get much closer, it would be impossible to focus. … Continue reading Yellow Flowers

Refurbishment of the Churches

This photo post is inspired by a sentence that a fellow blogger used in one of her posts. I have read a photo post of Taswegian where she said that she saw lots of construction going on in one of the streets she walked through. I commented there that we have a lot of construction in our city L├╝beck right now too. Then I remembered that I might even have a photo and found one in my photo folders. You see the photo in this post. On the left side of the photo you see the St. Petri Church and … Continue reading Refurbishment of the Churches

Squirrel On A Tree Branch

Here is another photo I took two weeks ago or so. I think the photo is good enough to upload it but overall I am not satisfied with the quality. The squirrel was too far away and I had to crop the photo to get closer to the squirrel. Cropping does often work very well but I think the image in this post is a little too noisy. I tried to reduce noise with Lightroom but then it looked too blurred. However, it’s not too bad, you can at least see the squirrel very well. Continue reading Squirrel On A Tree Branch

Common Blackbird Photo

It’s some weeks ago when I took the photo you see in this post, I actually thought that I need to delete the image. The photo was bad as I couldn’t zoom in enough to show the bird but today I noticed that the photo was sharp enough even after cropping with Photoshop. The result is that I can now basically show you the photo as if I would have had a tele lens on my camera. I think the bird should be a common blackbird, they have orange beaks and orange rings around the eyes. Continue reading Common Blackbird Photo