Beautiful Husky Dog

Beautiful Husky Dog

One of my neighbors has a beautiful husky dog, it’s the dog you see in the photo. I shot some more photos of the dog but if you know me, I do always save some for future uploads like winter time or just any time I want to edit or upload them. I like to have two strings for one bow. I am also too lazy to prepare one than one photo at a time for a single blog post.

I am not happy how I framed the dog, I wish I would have taken the image that the whole head is in the frame and also the ears. However, I am almost every time very self-critical with my stuff. Overall it’s not a too bad shot, because I like the subject, the dog. I do also like that my lens produced a little bokeh in the background. I am happy with the colours and the sharpness, so happy that I didn’t want to edit the photo.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Husky Dog

    1. Yep, would have been ok if I would just have hold the camera a little bit more up. I usually ask “Hey can I take a picture of your dog because….?” and some people are ok with it and some not. But even if they say “Yea, why not?” I am still a little bit shy in these moments and do it too fast and don’t take care how I frame it. I still don’t feel confortable but I think I will get better after a while. 🙂

      1. Yes I think so. People photography is interesting too, I would like to try that too as I see interesting people every day. But that is really difficult in Germany due to the laws.

        Here you can not take photos of people without permission unless they are in front of cultural architecture or anything else in the public (person should not be focus).

        Or you get permission which would not be a problem to ask, but I never would do this without written consent, that’s the only way to be on the safe site but the fun would surely go away.

        Well, Germans do take privacy very serious, people photography is no fun here, that’s what you also read on German photographer blogs 😀 I know a lot of countries take this less serious than Germany.

        These laws are probably good for the people but it kills the fun when it comes to creative things like people photography.

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