Overly Attached Black Cat

I met this black cat just minutes later after I left my apartment to start my 14 miles hike. It’s usually not the kind of photo quality that I like to share, but it was still so dark that I had a hard time to take a good photo of this cat. I share it anyway, because… This black cat was a problem. It seems I am a magnet to cats once they spot me and I guess it has to do with the fact that they smell my cat Shyna. The last cat I met just came to me … Continue reading Overly Attached Black Cat

14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch

We have a natural reserve outside of L├╝beck that is called Schellbruch. There are brakish water lagoons, bodies of freshwater, forest areas, mires and meadows. The trave river flows there to the east in the direction of the not too far away baltic sea. A beautiful place! Not only the geological variety makes the area special, there is also biological variety. There are many rare plants and it’s a paradise for birds. There are over 200 different bird species counted and it’s said that 90 have already bred. It explains why it’s worthy of protection. The Schellbruch is a protected … Continue reading 14 Miles Hike For Photography, Discovering The Schellbruch

I No Longer Own This Ladder

I have a ladder in my bedroom that I used a while ago when I was working in the living room. I wanted to put it back to the basement but then I noticed that Shyna really loves the ladder. I noticed this a long time ago, I never brought the ladder back to the basement. She has a scratching post in the living room, in the bedroom she did usually climb on one of my cabinets, but I decided to let her use the ladder too and placed a towel on it so that she can sleep there. It … Continue reading I No Longer Own This Ladder

Cats Do Appreciate Your Time

There are many ways to keep your cat busy, but you don’t always have to be too creative, cats do also appreciate it if you just recognize them. I do play often with my cat, but sometimes I do just show her that I am there and that I want to share my time. This can either be done by stroking or combing the cat, mentioning the name regularly to see the reaction, or following the cat when they want to show you something. There are so many ways to pay attention, playing is great but not the only thing … Continue reading Cats Do Appreciate Your Time

Dishonored Play Through

Weather is still bad here, is there something better than using the bad time to play through a PC game? If you ask a gamer, the reply is “probably not”. I love it when it’s uncomfortable outside but cozy inside, watching on my PC screen to dive into other worlds. That is what gaming is for me. The game Dishonored had good ratings on Steam, and it was 75% off during Steam summer sales. I purchased it and installed it right away. Then I went to the mall to get several bags of potato chips and other tasty things, I … Continue reading Dishonored Play Through

Dishonored Review

As we have bad weather here right now, I decided to play through a game that I never tried earlier. I talk about Dishonored and to say it right in the beginning, the game is X-rated and pretty much violent depending on your play style, but more about this later. However, the game was pretty interesting and fun to play. Dishonored is a first-person action game, you could also say it is a stealth action-adventure. Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial city where most of the stuff still runs with whale oil, yes, you dive into a steampunk genre … Continue reading Dishonored Review