When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

Yes, you did read the headline right, this post will be about door sounds, it’s that funny. I live in an apartment complex and that is something that makes me seriously believe that we humans are “individual animals” rather than “group animals”. Because I would much prefer to live alone without sharing a staircase with neighbors. I get along with most of my neighbors but sometimes there are new ones that don’t fit into the place, that is the problem with an apartment complex.

It seems we have one or two neighbors that do regularly give the other tenants advise what to do and what not to do. I mean I would understand it in some cases, but often people do go too far. I regularly find memos pinned near the entrance, it’s where neighbors blubber out their individual problems, without a name noted of course. That started since we got one or two new neighbors.

It is often a riddle to me what kind of problems they have. The recent memo was “If you come back home, close the door carefully with your hands, on this way nobody will hear the door!”. Ok got it, and it’s funny because I never heard a door, but let’s talk about this in detail, and I wish I would know the name of the writer to really discuss about it. But it would probably make no sense to discuss with the person anyway. But let me write about it in detail now.

Fact number one: We live very close to a railroad network, I do live here since years and I barely can hear any train anymore because my brain did habituate to the sounds. Considering that a passing train is much louder than a not carefully closed-door, I question that anyone can be annoyed by the sound of a closing door. It is probably possible, but not without being extra attentive, at least not in our apartment complex, because I didn’t notice door sounds in all the years.

Fact number two: The main entrance door doesn’t make sounds as the door is spring-loaded and does close slowly no matter how hard you try but surprisingly I found the memo beside that door. Then I thought for a second about my cat because she likes to open doors, but given the fact that I rarely close any doors in my apartment, it doesn’t happen more than once a week. Thus, whoever wrote the memo might talk about the individual apartment doors but that brings me to the next fact.

Fact number three: Now my curiosity made me start to pay attention to the sound of the doors. I noticed you would only hear the neighbor doors if you are outside of your own apartment while someone comes home. But in my apartment it is really hard to hear any neighbor doors. It’s so hard to notice them that I start to think you might only hear them if you are in your own floor and pay attention with a loo paper roll between one of your ears and your own door what I didn’t try.

So, let me make a point. Before I started to write my post, I clearly had the idea to take my ball pen to add something to the same memo as well. I thought about something like “Please, do us all a favor and get a life”. I question that anybody can hear the doors without trying hard, that is the point I want to make. I think people should clearly pay attention to their own stuff. I give a fuck about closing door sounds and I don’t even want to be reminded that they make sounds.

I guess there is rather another problem with the person that wrote the memo. If someone pays that much attention to the sounds of closing doors, I can only imagine that this person didn’t find the own purpose in life, which means maybe there are no hobbies and interests other than trying to hear door sounds. At the time I write my words here, only a thunderstorm or a detonation could make me attentive. But let me try, I hear silence, no, I hear a bird singing near my window, that’s beautiful.

I also have another more serious theory. It could be that this person suffers from migraine, I met a person once in my life who told me about migraine and that even the most silent sounds can make you get headache. I can imagine that this must be very annoying, however, that is an individual problem and not my problem. The solution would be to talk about this with a doctor. I suffer from sleep problems and other things, but yet I don’t put the blame on my neighbors, that would be ridiculous.

The post here is not only about doors, because over the last months I saw several memos with different requests for the neighbors. I mean I would be ok with the memos, I met neighbors in my life with bad behaviour, neighbors that were so loud that you had to think they make noise intentionally to annoy people. My experience is that you can get problematic neighbors, however, this is not the case in our apartment complex, the only problem is the person with the memos.

Most people in my section of the residential complex are young, they might invite some friends at weekends and hear music a little louder for a few hours on weekends, but in the week it’s quite as if I would live alone here. It’s actually a rather moderate neighborhood. Most people respect each other. I know most of the neighbors and most of them seems to share the belief “Do your own stuff, and let others do their stuff, but be respectful”.

I can play E-guitar and there was no trouble with it at all recently. I think it’s hard to hear the guitar in the rooms behind my wall, that is what E-guitars are about. You need an amp to make noise, I do use my PC as amp but I do use my headphones for practicing. Apart from that, I do respect my neighbors and don’t play more than one hour every two days. I had trouble with one neighbor in the past, a case of loo paper roll again. Seriously, you’ll find loudness meter in the app store of your phone to check room volume.

Some of my neighbors throw a party once in a while on weekends, usually on a saturday for a few hours, I couldn’t care less, I respect that. Nobody does carry the own activities to excess at the moment, which means its most of the time quite here, it’s really rather a moderate neighborhood recently, compared to what I experienced in the past. Here it is really like “Do you life, but let others live their life too”. Most of the neighbors here have no problems with each other at all.

But there is one person that look suspicious, he doesn’t greet me or any other neighbors as some told me. There is another guy too that behaves similar suspicious. Here we have it, it seems that we have at least two neighbors that think they are something better. What do you mean who writes the memos? There is a girl living next door and whenever I see here we start to talk a little bit, same for the other neighbors. They don’t mention any issues about closing doors.

So, if I don’t slam my doors, if my neighbors don’t do that either, what are these memos about? I think we have it to do with a snob, a weirdo who needs attention, or whatever. If you give up to greet someone because he never greeted back, you most likely just met an idiot. This kind of behaviour is that suspicious that it makes me think I found the drama lama. I am not up for drama anymore, ten years ago that person would have triggered me to start slamming doors, just for the fun of it.

8 thoughts on “When You Have Nothing Better To Do Than Trying To Hear Doors

  1. I found this article very interesting, and i told myself, if it is difficult to handle neighboors in a residential area i can imagine how life will be in an apartment area 😱 i think i could not handle it lol 😀

    1. I experienced that it can work for a while, but then another day it stops working because there are new tenants that don’t fit to the place. I experienced that those who arrive with drama, are those that go as fast as they came.

      But anyway, you are right… when bad neighbors arrived, it can get really complicated 🙂 The recent problematic tenant seems to enjoy playing king, seems to enjoy to pin his rules on a black board, like in medieval times 🙂 But what is much more strange is the fact that I can not make out his issues 🙂

  2. I am so glad that I live in a house and not an apartment so I don’t have to deal with note writing neighbours. It sounds as if most of the people in your building respect each other but it only takes one to be annoying. This person obviously does have a problem either genuine, like migraines, or imagined. Writing notes is only going to irritate people and he or she would do better to take the matter up either with the landlord or at a tenants meeting if you have those and get it out in the open. There might be a simple solution. Unfortunately that probably won’t happen and you’ll have to put up with this person until he/she leaves.
    Even in a house you can’t avoid neighbour problems entirely. Our last lot of next door neighbours would leave their dog outside all the time and it barked. I felt sorry for the dog and wished they would take it inside when they were at home but it did not annoy me as much as their hobby of working on cars in the driveway next to our house. This person would rev up engines in a noisy way sometimes for hours and would then drive up and down the street even at night. It was loud like racing cars. They seemed nice enough people otherwise but this noise made me hate them. Several times I felt like going over and saying “Please don’t do that at night.” I never did. Finally they moved away. Now we have no neighbour but the house is for sale. Who will we get next I wonder? For me the best neighbour minds his own business, maybe says good morning and has a chat if you meet and maybe feeds your cat if you have to be away. I, of course, do the same for him. I don’t need them to be my best friend though.

    1. I agree so much, it would be much better to talk about this person to person, because maybe the neihghbors can understand his problems on this way. With the memos it stays a riddle, it’s irritating people as you say. The memos are just ridiculous, because you can not answer, unless you write on the paper too (laugh).

      The person you had as a neighbor, that would annoy me too. It’s one of these examples of bad neighbors that don’t care about others and then I do understand complains. I met similar ones too. Back then we had one neighbor who came home drunken at night, first you would hear his motorbike, one of these very load shoppers… he seemed to enjoy making sounds with his shopper at night… after that he would clomb the stairs up drunken as if he would be an elephant, with drunken soliloquies… that was annoying because it happened every day. He didn’t seem to care about neighbors, oh and not even about his own life, I mean who drives motorbike drunken?

      The last point you make, that is how I imagine and experienced a good neighborship too. Respect each other, chatting at times, help each other when needed, but care about the own business most of the time. It usually works until bad neighbors arrive 🙂

      1. Bad neighbours are very annoying and you are not always lucky and have them move away as ours did. However you have given me a nice image of a Harley riding elephant giving drunken soliliquies 🙂

    1. Yea, it’s that bad… living in an apartment building is like lottery… you either have very cool neighbors for a while or bad ones arrive 😀 It’s pure lottery 😀

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