Sixth World of Warcraft Expansion To Be Announced Very Soon

It was a tradition of my blog to write news about new World of Warcraft expansions, it’s that time again. Blizzard will announce the sixth World of Warcraft expansion very soon according to a message posted by Blizzard on Twitter. World of Warcraft was released in 2004 and Blizzard added new content through patches and expansions to keep people interested in the game. Here is the game and expansion history… 2004 – November, World of Warcraft main game release 2007 – January, Burning Crusade expansion release 2008 – November, Wrath of the Lich King expansion release 2010 – December, Cataclysm … Continue reading Sixth World of Warcraft Expansion To Be Announced Very Soon

The Own Chicken Eggs

Not sure what I did different and wrong this month, but I am broke two days before new money. Anyway, I couldn’t care less, my mother has a garden with cool things, including chickens. I wrote about it, the production of eggs was not good at the beginning, of course the chickens were stressed because of the new home. It seems they do produce more and more eggs now, especially eggs in common size and not tiny eggs as they did before. As I am somewhat broke two days before new money, my mother had enough eggs to give me … Continue reading The Own Chicken Eggs

About An Old Friend And Some Bavaria Photos For The Blog

An old friend of mine visited me yesterday, we planned this for a while now since we didn’t meet each other for a long time, apart from the moments when we met each other in the city by chance in a busy moment. But over the last months we had a lot of contact via text messages and phoned on some weekends. He was one of my best friends a decade ago, but you know at some point life starts to keep people busy, can even separate people for a while, this was the only reason why we lost contact … Continue reading About An Old Friend And Some Bavaria Photos For The Blog

Beautiful Dove

I shot the photo of this dove a while back. To be honest, I am actually not even sure if it’s a dove, maybe it’s a pigeon, I just know that a dove is exactly the same like a pigeon, and a pigeon exactly the same like a dove, at least here in Germany. For both we have just the name Taube. I assume the bird in the photo is called dove in English, because it’s a white one, I think those that are not white are called pigeon, do I understand this right? Continue reading Beautiful Dove

Weekly Photo Challenge Close-Up: Thriving Flower

The recent WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge came last friday with the theme “Close-Up”. That is interesting, because the image I used in this post would have fit nicely to the theme, but I used it right before. Anyway, I have no problem to find another one. We don’t have the best weather right now, it’s raining since some days, that means I had to dig in my folders to find an appropriate image for the challenge, one photo that I shot before the rain. To be honest, most of the time my photos are uploaded delayed anyway. So, I decided … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge Close-Up: Thriving Flower

Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar

This is a snapshot taken with the smartphone on a car trip in Wismar, a city in Eastern Germany. I like abandoned buildings, this would be a nice place to take lots of texture photos with the DSLR camera, or usual abandoned architecture photos. I like urban photography and abandoned stuff. We have some abandoned buildings in L├╝beck too, I did already visit some places to take photos, I just didn’t have the time yet to choose the best urban photos, to edit them and to upload them to my blog, but I will do that as I like photos … Continue reading Snapshot: Abandoned Building In Wismar