Schellbruch In Grayscale

I didn’t like how the image above turned out, because the photo looked very┬ábleached and I changed it to grayscale to make it look better. The image had so much whites and it was even hard to fix it with Lightroom. Sometimes, when images are too white, with too much reflections or if the image is somewhat overexposed or if it looks too bleached, changing it to grayscale or black and white might be an option. I think the result is acceptable anyhow. I shot the photo at the Schellbruch, I haven’t uploaded all the images from there yet. Continue reading Schellbruch In Grayscale

I Have Fun With The Sandbox Game Called “Rising World”

I am usually not a great fan of Early Access games, because you never know if the developer will finish the game and if it was worth the money. Anyway, the Early Access game “Rising World” looked interesting and I did purchase the game a few days ago when I saw an offer. Although the game is still in development and not completely finished yet, it’s a lot of fun. I just want to write down my first impressions. If you know and liked Minecraft, you might like Rising World too, and the good thing is, you can get Rising … Continue reading I Have Fun With The Sandbox Game Called “Rising World”

Very Beautiful Sunflower

I walked through the garden with my mother on the weekend. She still likes to take pictures with her smartphone, although I let her practise with my DSLR too. We did for example take photos or portraits of each other, she likes to play with my camera too, and it’s good because I get photos of myself too on that way. But we were also interested if there are still flowers in the parks near the gardens, and we found some cool photo subjects. I found the sunflower you can see in my photo and had to take a picture. … Continue reading Very Beautiful Sunflower

Does Merkel Know The Difference Between Meaningful Critique And Hate Speech?

This is not a news, Facebook has been criticized by German politicians for not censoring Facebook comments, or for not giving the right tools to censor comments on the own fan pages at Facebook. Currently all known German politicians battle with the ever-increasing amount of negative comments on their pages, and while it’s true, you can find hate speech, the majority of the comments are not hateful but written by people with justified worries and question. When Merkel talked with Zuckerberg, she probably didn’t ask for better moderation tools on Facebook pages to be able to delete the hate speech … Continue reading Does Merkel Know The Difference Between Meaningful Critique And Hate Speech?