A Few Points About The Refugee Crisis, Related To Germany

So, yesterday I did read this news article about Islamists trying to recruit refugees in Germany. To be honest, while reading the article I rolled my eyes for two reasons, the first one is that this is not a news, this is happening since at least two years and that directly in my district as well, the second reason is that this is something citizens are concerned about since some time, and when citizens mentioned their concerns, they were called “bigoted” by our strange government and by the corrupt media landscape, typical political correct terms to muzzle concerned citizens.

Muslim radicals in Germany are trying to recruit some of the growing numbers of asylum seekers reaching the country, according to intelligence services quoted by the German news agency DPA.

Imagine that, our intelligence service found something out that the citizens noticed already two years ago. I am very sorry for Yahoo News to get such an outdated news from German news agency that is trusting our slow and ineffective intelligence services. But this is simply something that is already happening in the public for a while.

As I found this on Reddit, and as this is most likely not only a problem happening in Germany, I found an English comment of a user there, that I thought is appropriate:

This headline comes as a shock to no one.

In our district for example, and I know from others that our district is not a rare case, two years ago the Islamists rented spaces 50 meters away from apartments where new refugees regularly arrive. They do usually stand near the refugee apartments and speak to the people there, hand out books or flyers, everyone knows what is going on there.

They meet each friday for the prayers, and over the course of two years this group was expanding from around twenty people to hundreds of people. They seem to have success to recruit from the refugee apparent. Not only this, known extremist preachers have hold their speeches in the same centre, and one local news article stated that some fighters that went to Syria came from the same centre in our district.

So, what do you mean do they teach the people there? Just moderate Muslim religion? No, it seems they spread their lunatic ideology there, and our government is responsible to stop this, but they don’t, and that is just one of many reasons why quite a lot of Germans including me don’t take their own government very serious anymore. For the refugees that fall for this extreme ideology, I can just quote another Reddit comment…

No better way to start a new life in a new country then joining the same psychotic and murdering people who ruined the place you just left.

But there is one problem with the comment, not every refugee is really a war refugee, because the German customs have found Syrian fake passports. When I have read today that Germany will restore border controls for a while again, I am quite happy about it, I actually didn’t expect that our government would make this smart move, we all really didn’t. As a government, you can not simply let estimated 800.000 people (the number will be much higher by the end of the year) into your country without checking their backgrounds and identities, the German citizens have justified concerns that some of them could be terrorists, especially as many of them come from the Middle East.

Generally, almost every German I talked to agrees, even my friends with immigrant background, we can and should help, it’s possible to a certain degree, but open-door immigration will cause huge problems, especially with these insane numbers, it’s a very hot topic here right now, people are quite upset about the own government. But not only the own government, I think people demand from the European Union to make some kind of a “fair share” solution, it can not be possible that a few countries have to take the majority of refugees, because if this goes on, it’s going to end very badly.

5 thoughts on “A Few Points About The Refugee Crisis, Related To Germany

  1. You might find it interesting to know that many people in Australia are pointing to Germany as being an example of how to treat refugees compassionately as many of us are ashamed of our own government’s treatment of asylum seekers. People who try to enter Australia illegally by boat are held in (privately run) detention centres offshore and there are some horrible stories about the treatment of the people there.
    Certainly many are also concerned about the risk of letting terrorists in amongst the refugees and the same sort of situations as you describe can happen here. The intelligence forces certainly need to be aware of possible extremist activities.
    This is one of those “religion and politics” subjects that it is very hard to discuss even with people you know very well, even with family; so I will only say that I think that you have to look at the humanitarian issues first and that if all countries would share the responsibilty for refugees no one country would be put in the position that Germany is now in. I am deeply ashamed that our government thinks bombing Syria would help.
    On a totally unrelated note I think you meant you rolled your eyes not twisted them.

    1. I am glad you understand how my article was meant: “if all countries would share the responsibilty for refugees no one country would be put in the position that Germany is now in.”, that is currently the consents in my family, in my friend circle, although we are aware that other countries were under some pressure too.

      I think Germany can econimical seen definitely offer much more support than a country like let’s say Hungrary, which means we could take a lot of more refugees than others, but I don’t think this will be possible to an infinite amount, that’s what our government now noticed too, they didn’t expect that much, they raised the estimation from 800.000 by the end of the year to around 1.5 million refugees until the end of the year in the news, that’s a lot considering we have around 80 million citizens.

      The complete joke is, now with the controled Austrian border, this will lead to a disastrous situation for Austria, where transiting migrants will get stuck now, which means they might be forced to control their own borders now too. It could cause a chain reaction and border controls become a thing in the EU again. But hopefully, the EU finds a solution together, because winter is not far away, and imagine you are roaming around without a home in a country you don’t know, and that in the winter. 😦

      Talking more locally now, for example about my city, once the people settle in, and once they got their first appartment, they will sadly live in districts where 35% and in one particular district even 90% (worst case) people have immigrant background. This was a problem in the past, in the districts with the high amount, they will create “parallel societies”, become criminal, violend and even racist against German citizens, stay jobless, go to jail. Result is, that Germans make bad experience with them, become hateful too, the spiral gets worse. I think this is not very helpful for all involved, I can just ask myself what I would want if I would emigrate to another country:

      1. I would want to live in a district where the locals live to the majority, where I can practice the language.
      2. I would want to make contact with the locals, meet them, learn about them, tell them about me, I would want to make friends and so, find activities together and so.
      3. Once my language would have a decent level for working, I would want to find a job to be able to afford living.

      I believe all this would be very hard to achieve if I would live in a district full of Germans, which is why I think that controling the “distribution” does even make sense locally in a town, the immigrants would profit much better from it. A friend of mine came from Eritrea, he raised together with us Germans, and a couple of Turks and Polish people, but the majority were Germans, he learned perfect German like in three years (seriously), he never had problems with the law, he was good in school and found a job, he became a citizen of the same country I live in, it was a success story, I wish everyone would get exactly this chance and wouldn’t end up in a “parallel society”. This is the foresight I demand of my government. I get the humanitarian idea and support it, it’s just not working how they do it.

      And thanks, I will edit my English error 🙂

    2. To add something short to your Australian example and the point you made that Germany gained popularity during the refugee crisis, I think this is because Germany offered help, and that lead to some kind of media popularity over the last weeks…

      But the truth is, the massive amount of arrived refugees in Germany lead to different but very bad conditions too. Several towns reporting of very bad conditions, there are reports about scabies in tent cities, some news sites reported about very bad hygiene conditions and that local authorities and humanitarian organizations have trouble to manage the situations, they all got surprised So, if the distribution doesn’t work, it’s a lot of pressure on all involved, the helpers and the refugees.

  2. After hearing how many refugees your country is receiving, I wondered how the German people felt about it. People should be able to express their concerns about the safety and wellbeing of their fellow citizens without being called racists or bigots. With the huge numbers of people flocking into Germany every day, I don’t see how your government could possibly make sure there are no terrorists planted along the masses, or provide safe and sanitary conditions for all the migrants. I can understand your concerns about both groups of people effected by this situation.

    1. This rounds it very well up, people don’t really care what ethnics the immigrants or refugees have, except for a few dull nationalists, but a very big majority of Germans doesn’t think like a few dull people. But, there are normal citizens with justified questions and concerns, and comparing them with a few insane people, that is very dull as well.

      It’s out of question that the humanitarian idea is great, however, a society that does offer help, can also demand some basic things in return. Some of the justified concerns,…

      1. As my own passport is verified in my own country, or if I cross any border, I demand exactly the same for people crossing the German border, or at least when they do visit any authority the first time to ask for help. Passports, proofing identity, all that is not to annoy a person, it’s to garant that everyone can live together in a peaceful manner, and that those that won’t are filtered out or are monitored.

      2. The past has shown, if you put a few thousand of immigrants in the a district so that they become the majority there, they will create parallel societies where they might become violent, criminal, some even racist against German citizens, and where they can not and don’t need to learn the countries language. Our government needs to manage the distribution, my best friend has migrant background, I know a couple of immigrants, most of them live in peace together here and became successful, have a lot of German friends, but they all have something in common, they didn’t grow up in districts where the majority of people are immigrants. Lets say I would want to migrate to the USA, it wouldn’t help me if I would live in a district of 90% German immigrants, I wouldn’t want to live there, because it wouldn’t help me at all. Sadly, not all immigrants get a chance as my friends, it’s not the reality, in the past, a lot of people were put into “ghettos”, and that can not work out well for anyone and citizens call this “failed integration” and many start to demand that the government does manage it better in the future.

      3. Our government needs to garant that the integration process will be improved. Offering some time to get used to the culture is no problem, it’s good that the government does offer German courses, money, housing but that all should lead people to become citizens. Welfare for example does only work if all people work together, which means help should be limited, because at some point something must come back, that’s how the system is working. If I see that every third immigrant from the past 15 years has no job but takes welfare, it does upset people who pay in, it does even upset my immigrant friends who work and pay taxes in Germany, no joke. So, one of the justified questions of citizens is, if our government can garant that the 800.000 people that might arrive within this year (the estimated number is now higher) get into this integration process, to become part of a system that is based on “teamplay”.

      4. This is a short one, but a logic one related to distribution in a European scale. No question, Germany is some kind of European economic powerhouse and can offer much more help than smaller European countries, however, a European distribution concept is needed anyway, because it can not be that a few countries refuse help while others do help, that’s not the Europe I want to see. Europe needs a better immigration and refugee policy, and it must be talked about “fair share”. If there won’t be a solution, I see this widescale system called Europe in danger too.

      I think I could count up other often mentioned concerns, but the comment would get longer and longer. To put everything in one sentence, people want to help, but they also want the government to garant a peaceful together, a society that can sustain itself, a good future and so on. I think people just want some clear answers how things can be improved that all people can live together perfectly. 🙂

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