Tolerance Ends When There Is No Tolerance Shown Towards Us

The German TV channel ZDF broadcasted a documentary that shows what kind of conflicts there are between immigrants and refugees that arrive from Islamic and non-western countries. Usually, I wouldn’t suggest to watch a TV broadcast from ZDF as they are often biased against German citizens, but over the last time they started to report more about conflicts that they denied previously, maybe because it’s no longer possible to hide the facts.

This documentary is about conflicts between immigrants or refugees, not so much about conflicts between them and German citizens, anyways, it gives you an impression what kind of effect this has on German citizens as well. The documentary is about people who arrive in Germany with the idea that their ideology stands above the German constitution, and the documentary does question if we Germans are maybe too tolerant towards immigrants from non-western and Islamic regions, and the documentary implies that we might be too tolerant because of the terrible history of Germany.

The title of this post is quoted out of the documentary, one of the well-integrated immigrants said “Tolerance ends when there is no tolerance shown towards me”, and he thinks that we should make every refugee understand that if they want to stay, they have to accept our system of values, and if they don’t, they should think about leaving the country. I couldn’t agree more, and that is not only what German citizens demand, but also all those immigrants that do want to live in peace in Germany too.

If you are interested to see the documentary, it’s with English subtitles, the German language might be distracting for you, but I do still highly advise to watch it, it’s a good documentary about tolerance, and that we are too tolerant, that there is no real system in effect to integrate those that want to have a chance in Germany, that there are many people who don’t accept the basic rights in our democracy, about parallel justice, and how the regulated Canadian immigration act compares to the unregulated German mass immigration, and that Germany could do a better job to explain new citizens that they have rights but also duties.

Note: Some stranger uploaded the video, I am not sure for how long it will be uploaded, it might be deleted due to copyright issues at some point. Also, by sharing the video here, I do suggest this particular video, and I can not verify any other video of the person nor does it mean that I agree with all other uploaded videos of the account holder.

3 thoughts on “Tolerance Ends When There Is No Tolerance Shown Towards Us

  1. This is such a difficult subject for all of us. Australia likes to think of itself as a multicultural country. After all, just about all of us came from somewhere else originally except for our indigenous people. Australia encouraged immigration after WWII to increase the population. I like to think that all those newcomers added something good to Australia, the Europeans in the postwar period, the Vietnamese in the sixties and seventies and all the eastern European, African, Chinese and middle eastern people who have come since. Many of these came because of conflicts in their countries.
    I do believe that when you come to live in a new country you have to respect its laws and I also think it is foolish to carry on old quarrels in the new country as has sometimes happened between , for example, Serbs and Croats in Australia. I don’t believe that migrants should have to give up their own culture and tradition altogether though. I think a balance has to be struck, keeping the good and letting go of the bad. Easier said than done however :(.

    1. I don’t have a problem with immigration either, but to be honest, as most people I know, I definitely have a list memorized what kind of immigrants I would prefer. It’s sad, but over time people have been forced to think that way, there are the good immigrants and the bad ones. It’s about religion, moderate and radical religion. I do for example have no problems with moderate Muslims, my best friend is one and if I would have a problem with him, he wouldn’t be my friend, however, there is also an incredible huge amount of radical immigrants, with very hateful ideals, and I am honest, I don’t want them to stay here, as same as my Muslim friend don’t wants them here, because they put him in bad light as well. Just to give you one of many examples, I would for example not speak with a Muslim woman, because the chance is too high that she has family members that would beat me into the hospital or to death. It’s sad, but that’s why many people stay away from them, unless it’s clear they are not too radical in their believes, like my friends family.

      To me, it always has been some kind of a riddle how someone could come to a country, without accepting the rules, or the people that want to get criminal or violent against those that give a chance or a new home, or even violent against other immigrants that might believe in another religion, that is not how it works here. I think the documentary does highlight at least two points why this could be the case… first, we are too tolerant and say “You just arrived, we know you need some time, we understand why you did beat someone into hospital”, and second, our government doesn’t offer much else than a shelter and monthly payments but no perspective, as I said often, puts them into “ghettos”. Sadly, I have to realize that there is an third option, that those that do not come from a democracy, they might have it harder to understand that you don’t battle conflicts with violence here, and the fourth option that some have too radical believes.

      The documentary did just highlight the problems or conflicts between immigrants, but sadly there is also the reality of blatant racism and violence against Germans, very common and the offenders do usually have the same radical background, so, not every immigrant is violent, but there is a higher tendency in certain groups of origin (Yea, even calling it that way, it’s sad, but hard to hide). Over the last decades I saw how people tolerated to make a bow around certain groups to not get into trouble (no joke), today it looks different and I know quite a lot of people that want to arm, and some who started to arm, to be able to defend themselves, maybe because they are tired of no-go-zones or the fear of being stabbed or stomped to death. The violence against Germans exploded, it has been that way since my teenage, but over the recent years there is a complete new level of crime, violence and insanity.

      Currently, most older people want or started to carry pepperspray, younger people in my age prefer alarm pistols loaded with pepper ammunition, some do already carry knifes. With the new level of crime where people are afraid to get robbed or even killed, the demand for weapons exploded as well. It’s sad, but I saw this comming. What makes it sad, the rich ones do usually deny all problems as same as politicians, but more and more people think it’s because they live in rich districts where they don’t battle with the same problems. I am honest, I can not show tolerance against peopel that aren’t tolerant towards me, I liked the quote…. Germany is tolerant, and that’s how I want it to be, but German cititzens demand tolerance towards them as well, and if a huge group of people doesn’t show this tolerance, they should just leave the country to make us live in peace.

      What makes me happy, many immigrants that live here since decades start to demand exactly the same. Well-integrated immigrants do now start to open their mouths too, and they start to distance themselves from too radical believers or too radical peopel of the same origin. This is very important I think, because it’s about them as well, to live in peace together, we all need to be loud against those that don’t want the same. Anyway, with the experience I made, I do more and more demand an immigration act like the one in Canada, if you ask me, I don’t believe anymore that you can help unqualified people with low education… someone has to pay for them, it’s not our government,… when Merkel said “We can do this”, people are aware that she meant the taxt payer can do it. Given the fact that a lot of Germans in the lower income class get barely around 20 or 25 days a month with their money, I see what kind of effect helping others in mass will have. I don’t think that our current unregulated immigration is sustainable.

  2. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    A community where people want to live in peace together requires respect from the citizens for each other and respect fro the democratic rules of the ‘guest’ country.

    We may not forget that respect also has to be earned and to say that tolerance ends where no tolerance is shown to us is creating a danger zone. Better is that there were no tolerance is shown to some one, to try to find out the reasons why there is such attitude against such people. Often no tolerance comes from taking a wrong attitude because there is a fear being fed by not enough knowledge about those people. Too many Westerners do have a wrong idea about Islam and have also prejudiced ideas about people fleeing the war zones in the Middle East.

    Several difficulties between the different groups trying to come to the West have their seeds also in their will to stay strongly to their own believes and not willingness to open themselves to other believes or ideas.

    From the beginning those who want to enter the European Union have to learn this has to be a place where there is demanded an openness to different ideas, different believes and where there is a demand to give everybody a fair chance to develop in total freedom, respecting the freedom of the others. Freedom can there only be when everybody is willing not to restrict the freedom of the other. though there have to be some limitations which demands that there can be found a consensus so that everybody can live undisturbed.

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