Playing Bitcoin Dice: Here Is How You Can Roll On Your Bitcoin Dust

Bitcoin DiceHow To Roll On Your Bitcoin Dust

I’ve been trading Bitcoin for a while, and sometimes I have amounts leftover that I would call Bitcoin dust, in other words, bits I could afford to lose. I use these amounts to play Bitcoin dice for pure entertainment, which means I roll them for the fun and to see if I get a profit. If you want to do the same, I will explain where you can do that.

Disclaimer: I think I don’t have to mention that you never should bet on amounts you can not afford to lose, so, always keep this in mind, betting is always a risky game!

My Favorite Bitcoin Dice Game

I tried Bitcoin betting on several sites, and I found that one Bitcoin dice site that I really like, you can find the site here. The site is called Primedice, and its the most known and popular Bitcoin dice betting site and has been around for years now.

The main reasons why I like it there, it’s reliable, quick, and simple to play there. Another reason is that the house edge is only 1%, probably the lowest house edge you can find if you browse for Bitcoin betting sites. Apart from that, it’s fairly easy to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin there.

They have a provable fairness system, which means the dice game is mathematically fair and provable to be manipulation-free. Each roll is random, using cryptography.

Our random numbers are generated through the use of two seeds, a server seed, and your client seed. The server seed is created before you specify your client seed, ensuring that a server seed purposely in our favor cannot be generated. Together, along with the nonce (# of bets made with seed pair), the seeds are used to create a provably fair roll number within the 0-99.99 range.

You can find out more if you open their “FAQ” page where they explain it, and where you can learn to verify the rolls.

What I like too, is that they have levels and achievements, a small faucet, and a really active chat community, and believe me, it’s sometimes really fun to hang out there. Users do even tip there, that’s something you can do if you feel you have to share some of your bits. When I am active there, I have the chat tab always open, because it’s entertaining.

About the game, you can set up all kind of stuff: Of course the bet amount, and the payout or win chance, and you can set up if you want to roll over or under. Not only this, but they do also offer automated betting: You can for example set the payout or win chance and let it run, you can limit the numbers of rolls. With automated betting, you can also decide if the base bet should be increased when there is a win or loss.

I hope you liked my suggestion, and I hope you have fun there too. And always remember, don’t roll amounts that you can not afford to lose. Play slowly and with amounts that wouldn’t be hurtful to lose if you have bad luck. In the end, it’s betting, so, be wise! If you want to entertain yourself, check the Bitcoin dice game out.


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