PixelSpell: That Could Be My New Domain Name

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Today I registered a new domain name. The domain is called pixelspell and I mainly registered the domain for the case that I decide to use it for this blog here. I have a couple of other ideas on my list and I go through them at the moment, but the mentioned one clicked anyhow, I don’t know. The domain name is short, and the term “pixel” is associated with photography, design and PC gaming, and would describe a couple of my topics, while the word “spell” is associated with magic, and maybe even fascination. So, it could be read in a few ways, for example “fascinated by pixels” ,”enchantment” or just as it reads “pixel spell”. Also I do believe the name would look better as a “brand” than my current name. As said, it’s not a final decision yet, because making a final decision is difficult, especially if you have some other names on the list, but I liked the name so much that I wanted to protect it with a purchase. I might do this with a few other domains, and if I have chosen one, I will sell the unused domains. I wonder what you think about the name? Do you like it, or do you dislike the name?

9 thoughts on “PixelSpell: That Could Be My New Domain Name

  1. I see where you are going with it Dennis and I think it would be quite a good name. You should definitely keep pixel as part of the name whatever you choose. I quite like pixelmagic too which conveys the same idea.

    1. I had pixelmagic on my list too, but the domain is sadly taken. Pixelspell is one of the rare domains that are very short and not taken, it’s really difficult to find them. My top favorite was “pixelfocus”, but the domain was taken by one of those companies that make money by selling domains, and they demand $2500 for that domain (laugh). It’s difficult to find domains that are not taken by such companies. Pixelfeeling or pixelfeel was still on my list too, as some others. But I come closer to the decision that I maybe really should just use the pixelspell domain. One thing is sure, yes, I really will use the term pixel, because it can be associated with a few things I like, it’s the closest description that I could find. 🙂

    1. Thank you Marilyn. I am still unsure about it, because the “pixel” can also be read plural in that name. Apart from that, I still like the name too. Easy to type, easy to remind as you said, and would describe both photography, and digital interests like gaming, although I don’t only play fantasy games.

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