The Photo Alone Makes Me Hungry

It’s been some time, and I thought I should post something into my category of food photography again. Above you can see a photo that I shot some months ago. I just remember that I came back home after a long hike during very cold weather, and my aunt prepared this dish for us all. Nothing could be better than a warm dish, after a hike in the cold weather, and I was very happy when I saw that my aunt prepared potato croquettes with a delicious sauce, a nice steak and peas and roots. Some time passed after I … Continue reading The Photo Alone Makes Me Hungry

Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

As I mentioned, I’ve been in Bad Oldesloe yesterday to take some photos and to enjoy my day. I thought I show you some of my photos. As I mentioned as well, the Trave River is flowing there too, and as you see in the image above, they have some beautiful footbridges there, and beautiful buildings. Here are three more pictures, I will upload more over time… Continue reading Some Bad Oldesloe Photos

Trip to Bad Oldesloe, Local Newspaper, Nature and Good Weather

Some weeks ago I thought spring weather would start, but then we had again several days in a row with really bad weather. Today was different, I woke up early in the morning with no tasks, I looked out of the window and I saw already a blue heaven and sunshine at 9am. I didn’t think a lot, I just started to pack my camera bag. Spontaneously, I got the idea to do a trip to Bad Oldesloe. I’ve never seen a lot of this town, I’ve been there, but only one time, it was the time when I was … Continue reading Trip to Bad Oldesloe, Local Newspaper, Nature and Good Weather

Walking Rook Bird

When I go outside for a walk with my camera, I pay a lot of attention to the things around me, and I usually decide if it’s worth to take a picture in a situation or not. But to be honest, sometimes I just take a photo without thinking a lot about it, I talk about random photos that I take spontaneously. This can happen if I am curious how the photo would turn out, if I want to see something up close later on the computer screen, if I am experimenting, or just for the fun to press the … Continue reading Walking Rook Bird