How to Check the Total Amount of Your Country Provinces in Europa Universalis IV

In this small guide you will learn how to check the total amount of provinces you own in Europa Universalis IV. A friend asked me how he can find out the total amount of provinces he own in EU IV, and as the tooltip is quite hidden, I thought to write this small guide, because there might be other people with the same question. So, let’s take a look to find out how many provinces we own in the game… As you can see in the screenshot above (click on the screenshot to enlarge the image), we need to open … Continue reading How to Check the Total Amount of Your Country Provinces in Europa Universalis IV

How To Show The FPS In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst With A Config File

In this tutorial you will learn how to show the FPS in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. If you don’t have an external screen recording program installed that can show your FPS during the gameplay, there is still another way to show your FPS during your Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gameplay. Like most of the games with the Frostbite engine, you can also enable certain configuration commands in MEC. In this guide we will create a configuration file where we store a command that enables the FPS display. Let’s start… Open your text editor, for example the Windows Notepad editor. If you don’t … Continue reading How To Show The FPS In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst With A Config File

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

The recent WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge wants us to point our cameras at something familiar to turn it into something else, right, it’s about abstract photography. While I didn’t take an abstract photo recently, I thought I go through my Lightroom library to see if I can participate with any photo I have taken in the past, and I knew I would find a dozen of abstract photos. Sometimes I really try to shoot an abstract scene, but at times I do also get abstract photos due to any errors, like the wrong camera settings. focussing wrong, pressing the shutter … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Experimental Moon Photo

It’s nighttime and the night sky is cloud-free, the moon visible, and I thought I try to take a picture. I did set up my tripod, the D7100 and my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I activated the 1.3 crop mode of my D7100, then I disabled the vibration reduction mode of the lens as I wanted to use my tripod anyway. Apart from that, I enabled RAW and JPG fine, to see if I can get a little bit more quality out of the RAW file. I did set the camera manually to ISO 100, f/10 and 1/200 of a second. … Continue reading Experimental Moon Photo

Shyna And My Uncles Family

The above shot was taken during the time I was living in my uncle’s house to help him. My cat Shyna needed a lot of time to get used to the temporary new home, but at some point she started to explore all the rooms, but she enjoyed it the most if nobody apart from us both were there. This changed later on, she started to explore the rooms even if people have been there, but she never seemed to enjoy it as much as if none of the other family members have been there. I can tell you that … Continue reading Shyna And My Uncles Family

Blurry Flying Gray Heron Photo

Here is yet another photo that I shot during my time in Reinfeld. I am back in L├╝beck for a while, and I do already miss the morning hikes through the nature with all the birds, but it’s now more important to be close to the hospital. Talking about the photo in this post, I tried to take a picture when I saw this flying gray heron, and the result is not too bad, but sadly too blurry as I had to crop a lot. Anyway, the subject is still recognizable, which is why I like the photo anyhow. Continue reading Blurry Flying Gray Heron Photo