Beautiful Brown Horse

I am back to L├╝beck, but I shot so many photos in Reinfeld that it will take ages to upload them all to my blog. Anyway, I don’t complain because it’s good to have so many photos for future uploads. In this post I wanted to show you one of the photos that I shot there, it’s a beautiful brown horse on a lawn and I hope you like the photo. I never expected that I would get so much into photography, but now I do already have quite a mass of photos on my blog. Continue reading Beautiful Brown Horse

Rising World Alpha Patch 0.7 Released, Including Water Feature

There is a new patch for Rising World, many people waited for the release because it was previously mentioned that the patch would add water to the world in the game. So, from now on you will find ponds, lakes and oceans in Rising World after Steam downloaded the Alpha Patch 0.7 for you. According to the patch notes, there are still some features to add before the water really adds up with you gameplay, because the water is at the moment only static. The water will not interact with the terrain yet, there are no physics, which means the … Continue reading Rising World Alpha Patch 0.7 Released, Including Water Feature

I Tried To Draw A Face And The Result Is Horrible But Funny

I always wanted to learn how to draw, but I always thought it would be impossible, and I didn’t have the same thoughts when I learned to play guitar back then. Something tells me that you can not learn everything, there are things that you might understand faster than others, and it looks it was easy for me to get started with the guitar back then, and I play the instrument up to this day. With drawing, I tried to learn it several times, but I usually gave up because my sketches would look so horrible. Just recently I thought … Continue reading I Tried To Draw A Face And The Result Is Horrible But Funny

Beautiful Green Woodpecker

I have a friend in Austria, we sometimes chat through the gaming platform Steam as we both are interested in PC games, but that’s not the only topic we talk about. Today, she told me that her father took a photo of a green woodpecker, and she asked me if I would like to show the photo on my blog, as she knows that I like to post a lot of animal photos, and also bird photos since some time. I like the photo, and I am happy that I am allowed to share the photo as I never took … Continue reading Beautiful Green Woodpecker

Grumpy Herring Gull

I took this photo of a flying european herring gull, and I had to laugh a bit when I saw the photo on my PC screen, because the gull looks a bit grumpy. I like bird in flight photography but you always have to wait for a chance, that makes it difficult, and I do also wish that I could take more photos of less common birds in flight. If you liked the photo, check out my other bird photos. Continue reading Grumpy Herring Gull