Wet Horse

As mentioned in this post, I thought I should upload more horse photos to my blog, and I have shot quite a lot that I want to upload over time. The photo in this post was taken in Reinfeld, since this is a countryside it was easy to find horses everywhere. The photo was shot after it rained, that’s why the ground and the fur is so wet, but it makes the fur look interesting in my opinion. I hope you like the image, if so, check out my other photos. Continue reading Wet Horse

Swan Photo

Not sure when and where I shot the photo above, but I like it and wanted to upload it to my swan category. I think the water in the background is a bit distracting, sometimes water looks good in photos and sometimes not, and I think it depends on the daylight. It could also be about the angle, there is too much water visible in the photo, I think the photo would look better with a horizon (at eye level), for example with plants in the background and a bokeh. Anyway, the swan is still visible and I think the … Continue reading Swan Photo

About Good Dentists And Dental Fear

Today I was brushing my teeth and then I noticed something is wrong, it seems I damaged one of my fillings during the brushing. Back then I had a quite big dental fear, but since I had so many dentist appointments last year, it seems that I lost this fear completely. I lost this fear already last year, but it seems the fear never came back. Today I visited one of my dentists again, because as said, one of my fillings broke today, and he repaired the tooth with a new nice looking plastic filling. I have two dentists, I … Continue reading About Good Dentists And Dental Fear

Bird In The Garden

Time for a bird photo again. Now in the city I have less chances to take photos of birds. I mainly find pigeons, crows and common blackbirds, but sometimes I also find other birds in the bushes, in the parks, outside of the districts or in the nature around the city. As my mother has a garden, there is another chance to take photos of some special birds. The photo in this post was taken in her garden, I think it was an old house sparrow. Anyway, I still miss the country, it was much easier to find birds in … Continue reading Bird In The Garden

Euro 2016: Germany vs. Slovakia 3:0

Another chance to upload a photo of a German flag, I watched soccer today and Germany won against Slovakia with a 3:0. Germany played very well, apart from the three goals I was again amazed about the passing accuracy. Germany played pretty aggressive and modern soccer, it’s really fun to watch them play. Slovakia was rather disappointing, I was a bit more afraid before the match that we could be kicked out, but they had absolutely no chance, Germany dominated the match. Now that we will play in the quarter-final, the difficulty will increase for Germany but I am still … Continue reading Euro 2016: Germany vs. Slovakia 3:0