Beautiful Herring Gull

In Lübeck close to the Trave River, I usually find lots of Herring Gulls. While I prefer to find less common birds, it’s not always possible, especially not in the city or in the districts here. However, I know some places here where I can find other birds, like the Schellbruch for example, but I can not always be there. It doesn’t matter a lot to me, because I like common photo subjects as well, and this included gulls, ducks, or blackbirds. Check out my other bird photos if you like to see different ones. Continue reading Beautiful Herring Gull

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

I find the recent WordPress Photo Challenge with the subject “Narrow” pretty interesting. I do especially like narrow paths when I hike, although not all of them are narrow, but sometimes they are. Weeks ago I found a very narrow path somewhere outside of the city, and I found it so beautiful that I had to take a photo. I think the photo fits very well to the challenge. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

Cute Ducklings

I do have less time now to go out and take new photos, but as usual when this is the case, I do still have enough photos that I shot but that I didn’t upload yet. Today I want to show you a photo of some cute ducklings that I found around two weeks ago or so. I was somewhere outside of Lübeck and noticed a strange sound near a very small pond, and it took me a while but then I noticed I found these cute ducklings that made the sound. They are more than cute, aren’t they? Continue reading Cute Ducklings

Annual Complaint About The Summer Heat

I actually thought that I wouldn’t have to do this, but here it is, my annual complaint about summer heat. We had rainy and cloudy weeks since some time now, and it was more like autumn, but then out of the sudden it became hot. Yes, not warm, it became hot from one day to another. We had a really hot week now, you can’t even breathe anymore. Here is my annual opinion,.., I am ok with warm weather, but I do absolutely hate hot weather. These times make me wish to live somewhere in the north, maybe somewhere in … Continue reading Annual Complaint About The Summer Heat

Hospital Frequenters

I am currently very happy about our decision to get an apartment for my uncle in our city, an apartment very close to the rest of the family. But we can only be happy about the fact that he is now living close to us all, the recent events are rather sad, but we are more and more used to bad news. After the surgery, we knew the result was a complete resection of his tumor, but we were aware about the definition of the term “complete”, but I explained in another post what it means. A complete resection was … Continue reading Hospital Frequenters

Common Blackbird Close-Up

You can find Common Blackbirds everywhere in the city, but the photo in this post was taken in the nature. I came fairly close with my 70-300mm Tamron lens, but I cropped the image slightly to get even closer. The black feathering of these birds might be boring, but still they are very funny and cute birds, and also beautiful. Looks like my Common Blackbird category on the blog is starting to grow. If you are new to the blog, check out my other photos. Continue reading Common Blackbird Close-Up