White Horse

As I mentioned some time ago, there are still not enough horse photos on my blog. While I still have many that I didn’t upload yet, I am always happy if I find new horses and this happened today when I hiked through the Riesebusch in Bad Schwartau. I found two horses on a field located near the forest, and the white horse got my attention right away, as same as the horse noticed me. It was the perfect chance to take a nice horse portrait, what do you think? Continue reading White Horse

Riesebusch Nature

Today I took my camera and decided to hike in Bad Schwartau, a town 5 km north or northwest of Lübeck. There is a forest called Riesebusch and I wanted to hike there to take some new photos. Today I didn’t take a look at the weather report and it became quite windy and cloudy when I arrived. It was not the perfect weather to go hiking and to take photos. I had luck and it didn’t rain too early, but I was caught by the rain 10 minutes before I arrived at home and had to change clothes. I … Continue reading Riesebusch Nature

A Sparrow Searching For Prey

I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the last weeks, but as I mentioned often, this is not really a problem because my backlog is still huge. In this post I want to show you a bird photo again, and I am sure it should be a sparrow. I assume it is a female house sparrow but now I go out on a limb, because I am not really an ornithology expert. It seems the bird searched for insects and found gnats. It could even be that the bird searched the prey to feed the own fledglings, because … Continue reading A Sparrow Searching For Prey

Experimental Swan Photo

I like swan photos and above you can see one that I a while ago. However, there was so much wrong with the original image that I tried to fix all the issues. The image is heavily edited and I think the result is interesting. The main problem was that I had difficulties to make adjustments, because either the swan looked great or the water, but not both together. It was difficult to make everything look great together and I started to think that I have to make individual changes. Lazy as I am, I made initial changes to the … Continue reading Experimental Swan Photo

Great Spotted Woodpecker On The Tree

With this post I want to show you a great spotted woodpecker. I shot the photo during my time in Reinfeld and here is another photo that I shot in Lübeck. I’d say it’s not the easiest bird to photograph, because first of all you need to find one and apart from that, if you find one you will most likely have to point your camera to the treetop. I still have some other photos in my library but in almost all cases there are distracting branches in the photo due to the fact that you find them on top … Continue reading Great Spotted Woodpecker On The Tree