Counter-Terror Operation in Reinfeld, One Suspect Arrested In The Refugee Centre.


My mother called me yesterday and told me that I should read the local news paper. English news websites covered it already too, but here is the local article in case you can read German. What happened? Well, the German police (Bundespolizei, Landespolizei and BKA) executed an anti-terror raid in three towns, and three Syrian men have been arrested. They raided regugee centres in Großhansdorf, Ahrensburg and Reinfeld in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and in Niedersachsen.

It wouldn’t be a surprise, since our chancellor opened the flood gates last year so that over a million unknown refugees and asylum seekers could enter our country without much control. The problem was not the idea to help refuges and asylum seekers, the problem with the extremely big number resulting in a burden for our health and benefits system, as same as the fact there was simply no control who would be allowed to come in. The least was the biggest problem, and people expected that terrorists would take the chance to exploit the refugee route, but there is more and more evidence that the worries of German citizens are just justified.

What surprised me a bit was the fact that there was anti-terror raid in Reinfeld too, the place where I have been for almost six months. I’d say it’s a sleepy nest, but maybe that’s exactly what could be the greatest hideout for a terrorist. The person arrested in Reinfeld is suspected to be trained with weapons and explosives. They found faked passports, mobile devices with secure communication apps installed and a four-figure sum of money in US Dollar. Our federal ministry said that the suspects belong to a group that carried out the terror attack in Paris last year, and the current arrested persons might have waited for individual instructions to carry out their own attacks. First evidence came from the Bundesamtes für Verfassungsschutz and an investigation team was founded to intercept phone calls for several weeks until they started the operation to arrest the suspected persons.

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