Husky Portrait

Huskies are very beautiful dogs and I always liked them. When I was a bit younger, I would have liked to get a husky but I didn’t do so as my first apartment was too little and because I got a very beautiful cat. One of my neighbor has a very beautiful husky and sometimes if I see here outside, I talk with her and try to take some dog portraits. I am still not happy with all my pet portraits, but yesterday I could get a nice shot of her husky. I like the result, and I am going to send her the photo of her dog…



12 thoughts on “Husky Portrait

    1. In this case it was really not that easy, the husky looked in every direction, just not the direction where I was standing, even when I tried to change my position 😀 At the end he did let me take the photo 😀

  1. Lovely photo. Dogs are not the most cooperative subjects when it comes to posing. Most of my pictures of Cindy are taken when she’s not paying attention to me. Like a lot of dogs if she sees you aiming the camera towards her she thinks that you want her to come to you.

    1. Thank you. I am often very self-critical with my photos, but in this case I do really love the result because the DoF and Bokeh in the background. I noticed my 70-300mm Tamron lens is in some cases not too bad for portraits. I can just use it at maximum aperture 5.6 or something like that, but when I have enough distance between the subjects and the background, it will still produce a nice blurry background to emphasizing the subject.

      I think what you said does even count for cats. Even if I shot hundreds of photos with my cat, in almost all cases it wasn’t that easy as it seems when you see the photos. So, as with Cindy, I always try to take photos when my cat doesn’t pay attention. As you said, if you pay attention to the pets, they think you want to play with them or something and they come closer and you get a proplem to take the photo, especially in rooms.

      With my neighbors husky there was a different problem. He always turned the head in the wrong direction, because the shooting was in the park and other people were outside with their dogs. I still have some other husky photos of that day, I will either upload them soon or in the future if I think it’s time to show a very similar photo again.

    1. Thank you. We have something in common then, my cat is probably one of the most photographed cat in the internet, maybe (laugh). I have hundreds of photos of her on my blog… sometimes when she doesn’t notice me, it’s easy to take the picture, otherwise it can be a real challenge to get a good photo of a cat. Yes, they are sometimes camera shy, or they think you want to play with them and they come too close to work with your set focal length and so on. Also they are always in action, always moving 🙂

    1. I do this sometimes too, at least with JPG, you have more pictures to choose from then. I am a bit mad that the cache of my D7100 fills so fast, at least when I use burst with RAW. With RAW files I can not do burst for a long time, the camera will pause to move the pictures from the chip to the SD card and then you can continue again. That’s maybe something I would criticize about the D7100.

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