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Proud Husky


I found the gem above in my photo library and I guess the photo is a great example of why starting to shoot in RAW was a good idea. I actually wanted to delete the photo but then I started to edit the RAW file and above is the resulting image. I like the composition from the side but I should have taken the photo with a little bit more of the neck visible. Anyway, I am not sure if it would have been possible to recover the image if it would have been shot in JPG, because the image was completely overexposed as you can see…



  1. It’s a great shot and I don’t think more neck would neceassarily improve it. I don’t shoot in RAW simply because the storage issue has overcome my need for more detail on my photographs. Also, the Topaz filters I use have been remarkable at repairing jpg images. If I hadn’t done it myself, I wouldn’t believe it was possible. In any case, I think it’s a great portrait of a Siberian.

    • Thank you 🙂 I had the storage problem too with my 500 gigabyte hard drive, but I added a hard drive with 2 terabyte this year and now I can go all crazy 😀 I still shoot in JPG, especially when I want my camera to be fast (as the cache is less likely to fill fast), but when I do shoot RAW, it gives me much more possibilities to fix errors.

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