Old Door In Black And White

As you might have noticed, I am currently a bit slower with the publishing on my blog. It’s autumn, a good time to get the hands on some computer games. But in the meantime I wanted to show you a photo again. I shot this photo of the old door a while back, I didn’t like how the colours turned out, but I liked the photo after I converted it to black and white. The photo is a nice expansion to my abandoned category. I do really like old materials that suffered, I like the texture of these materials. Continue reading Old Door In Black And White

Late Justice Drama

If you are blogging for so many years, you will experience some funny things. Most often you make blogging friends, and the community at WordPress is one of the best communities I have experienced. There are more shitty places in the web, but even if you found a good community, there is a chance that you will meet a troll some day. But before that happens, you’re starting to think about the Fermi Paradox, because “Statistically there should be other civilizations in the universe, but where are they?” is a very similar question like “Statistically there should be trolls in … Continue reading Late Justice Drama

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about light sources that make things visible. I first thought to come up with a photo of a spider web, because most often you can just see them if they are highlighted by the sunshine. I also thought about small streams in a forest, they are not always visible through the bush but when there is light shining into the forest, they stand out. But then I found the image that you can see in this post. It’s about a light source, about sunshine. You can not always see sunbeams, but sometimes they become … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

How To Show A Small FPS Benchmark Display In Counter Strike Global Offensive

Introduction There are different ways to benchmark your FPS in Counter Strike Global Offensive. One way would be to enable the net_graph display that shows all kind of performance stats, including the FPS or your network latency. But if you just want to show a small FPS counter in the corner, there is another option and you will learn about it in this guide. Now let us take a look how we can enable a small FPS benchmark counter… How To Show The FPS Counter We can activate the FPS counter via developer console, that’s a great way if we … Continue reading How To Show A Small FPS Benchmark Display In Counter Strike Global Offensive