Ministry of Truth

Dark Clouds

It would be amusing if that wouldn’t be so serious. Our German government plans to create a center to fight “disinformation” online ahead of next year’s elections. Looks like our government is scared shitless that they might not be re-elected. If they can’t control citizens anymore with their propaganda TV channels and radio stations thanks to the internet, they now have to change the strategy and go one step further. Now they want to control information’s in the web or on social media channels. I always said it, and I stick with it, the real extremists do already govern our country. I really hope this “antique” clique learns a lesson one day when there are elections.

I dislike the idea that a government wants to decide for me what is truth or fiction, especially not if it’s a government with a propagandistic history. We talking about a government here that defamed citizens that are against uncontrolled mass-immigrations, and publicly calls them nationalists or racists. A government that calls citizens fearmonger if they are concerned about terrorism and crime. A government that is almost entirely entwined with TV and radio broadcast channels. A government that denied facts, changed statistics and lied to citizens a thousand times. A government that is for offender protection and against victim protection. A government that doesn’t protect the own citizens anymore. Why should I accept that a senile clique in a nuthouse wants to censor what is appearing on my computer screen? I think it’s not about censoring hate-speech, or filtering out fake news. I think they want to create legal ways to suppress the opinions of citizens, they further want to decide what news is the right one.

This is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. How false they are, hypocrites that constantly talk about the German Democratic Republic and Nazi Germany, but yet they want to dive down to the same level and use propaganda techniques as well. First they lie to you, if that doesn’t help and you still have a different opinion, they will defame you, and if that is still not enough they start to control what kind of information’s are visible on your computer screen. Fortunately we talk about a technology here that is really hard to control. They can do what they want, I will always find different news sources and make my own opinion. It’s a shame Germany, I am ashamed of the German government. Nobody will dictate an opinion on me, they can try as hard but it won’t happen.

I am against uncontrolled mass-immigration. Germany can not give unconditional promise to be the centre for mass-immigration. I am against those that come here to harm our society, against those that contradict our values. Help should be offered to those that are in need, and we should invite those that come in peace, not those that come here as enemies of our values, not those that come here for crime or to injure citizens. In my opinion, Germany should not be an unconditional gathering place. We should live in harmony, this is only possible if immigration of any form is regulated. Most countries regulate it, I can’t see why we shouldn’t have a set of rules too. If the demand for regulated immigration earns me the title “Nationalist” or “Racist”, so be it, it’s a desperate try to defame and frighten citizens. I don’t really care what the Angela Merkel clique thinks, I care much more about the fact that this government failed miserably to protect our society. This clique knows very well that many citizens are pissed. This is probably the true reason why they tremble and try to influence what citizens think is news or not.

4 thoughts on “Ministry of Truth

  1. Dear Dennis, I hope and wish New Year to be peaceful and bring so good and nice things to all countries. We need this. 2016 hit badly most of us. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, nia

    1. Yes, 2016 was insane, so much violence in this world, so much insanity. Peace, that’s what I wish you too Nia. Goverments don’t do peace, people like you and me do something for the world peace, because we connect, without violence, we share ideas, inspiration and discuss things peaceful. That’s what I love about the blogosphere, we are actually doing something for the peace, while governments and terrorists don’t. Words are stronger than swords 🙂 I wish you the best Nia, stay healthy, enjoy your time with your loved ones, and I wish you the best for 2017 too.

  2. You said well dear Dennis, I almost agree with you. How nice of you, I want to believe that there are soooo many people like you, like me in this world.Thank you,Love, nia

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