Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

I found one photo in my library that I shot in Reinfeld, and I was quite happy with the landscape scene but not with the overall quality of the image. I wondered if I could still create something with it, and I got the idea that I could try some of the retro effects of Silver Efex Pro 2. Retro photos don’t appear in good quality, but there is something fascinating about old photos which makes them look great. So, talking about my photo, I thought I could hide the issues very well if I convert the image into a … Continue reading Reinfeld Landscape Retro Photo

Black Out-Door Cat

In case there are not enough cat photos on my blog yet, here is another one. I found this black last year during one of my hikes. I’d say it’s a black cat but if you look closer, you will find out that there is a brown or reddish tone in the fur as well. I did already upload another photo of the same cat some time ago. I don’t have a lot of black cats in this category yet, so, I hope I will find more of them during future hikes. Continue reading Black Out-Door Cat

Forest Flowers

Here is a photo that I shot last year when I hiked through one of the small forests in Reinfeld. I liked it there when spring started, it was so relaxing to walk through the small forest areas and seeing all the things grow. I did also like the winter there, but the spring was definitely more interesting. However, I took tons of photos in both seasons. I think I will hike there again this year, it’s just sad that I can’t do this every day now that I am back in the city since quite some time, because the … Continue reading Forest Flowers

The Elysium Realmlist And The Elysium Realm Status

If you are interested to play on the Elysium Project realms but you are not sure which realm to choose, you might want to check the realm status first. Same counts if you just want to get more detailed data about the realm population. They offer several realms with high population, but you might want to check the realm status here before you make a decision. You can find out if the server is online or down, they mention the server time and uptime and the exact number of players online and the ratio alliance and horde ratio. So, it … Continue reading The Elysium Realmlist And The Elysium Realm Status

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about ambience, and I thought one of the photos that I shot during a hike through the Schellbruch area in Lübeck would fit. I shot the photo during golden hour time and everything appeared orange and red. But to be honest, I even boosted this a bit further with Lightroom and Color Efex Pro 4. It almost looks as if someone painted it, but I like that. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience