My Cat And The Chair

My cat likes the PC chair. It’s a leather PC chair that I have to protect with a wool blanket because it already got some scratches. Since there is a wool blanked on it, Shyna stopped to destroy the chair, because… you know, why would somebody want to destroy the own belongings? We were able to make an agreement. If I use the chair, it’s mine. If I don’t use the chair, it’s hers. So, whenever I am not on the PC, she is sleeping on the chair with the wool blanked. Sometimes there is an easy solution to solve … Continue reading My Cat And The Chair

Along The River

Here is a photo that I shot in May 2015, oh how time flies. The photo was shot one month after I got my first DSLR. At that time I pressed the shutter button like a crazy person, because all that was so new to me and I wanted try this camera, to learn how it works. However, I didn’t like the photo at first, but I started to edit it, to see if I can change that. Before you could barely differentiate between the green colors in the photo, but I changed it so that you can actually differentiate … Continue reading Along The River

Abandoned Building Near Rail Station

Here is a photo that I shot near the rail station of Lübeck. The original photo bored me and I wondered what I could do to improve the photo. It turned out that a black and white effect makes the photo look interesting. I thought this looks pretty much like one of those images that are used on old hip hop record labels. I like how this turned out. Sometimes you are just a few mouse clicks away to heavily improve a boring photo. I must say, I am generally a fan of black and white photos, but I think … Continue reading Abandoned Building Near Rail Station

Scratch The Ears

Here is a funny photo that I shot some time ago when I noticed that my cat Shyna did scratch her ears. Cats always look funny when they groom themselves. I ruffle the fur on her ears sometimes too, and since I started this, she does at times come to me and demands it. I know that because she is basically showing her ears like “Hey there, can you please scratch a bit on my ears like you did yesterday?”. Cats will notice it if you have more skills other than opening cat food cans (laugh). I hope you laughed … Continue reading Scratch The Ears