Grooming! It’s so funny when cats do it. They are basically acrobats and can reach every body region except behind the head, but that’s where the human hand is, well, handy. My little cousins grew up with dogs but when they saw my cat the first time, grooming herself, they really laughed and I said “This is funny and cute right?” and they smiled and nodded. They were surprised and said things like “How’s she doing it???” and “How’s this even possible???”. If you like, you can find more photos of my cat Shyna on my blog. Continue reading Grooming

Happy Sheep

Here is a photo that I shot on my way during the last hike. I saw some fields with sheep, but we have lots of them in Northern Germany. I think they have it good for the time of being because the fields are usually very large, that’s why I wrote “Happy Sheep” in the title. I didn’t do a lot of editing except for some tone changes as usual. I did “mute” the green color a bit to make the sheep become a bit more present in the image. In other words, I did decrease saturation of the color … Continue reading Happy Sheep

Finally, Hiking Weather

We had some very mixed days again, some already warm but also stormy days. Today in the morning, I watched out of the window and thought the weather would be perfect for a hike. It was warm but I felt a fresh breeze when I opened the window. This really seemed to be perfect, because if it’s too hot, it’s not good either. I like it if there is a breeze when I go hiking, because then it’s not a torture and you don’t sweat too much. So, I packed my camera and the 70-300m lens into the bag and … Continue reading Finally, Hiking Weather

Great Tit Bird Photo

Above you can see a photo of a great tit bird (Parus major). It’s not too difficult to find them where I live. Of course it’s possible to find them in the nature, but sometimes you also spot them in districts of the city. I shot the photo of this bird for example in a town near a front yard of a house. They are often in gardens. Anyway, since they are tiny, it’s sometimes still a challenge to find out where the bird call comes from. By the way, I found a YouTube video of the great tit call, … Continue reading Great Tit Bird Photo