Knife Attack, Welcome To Germany

Today my mother told me that the son of her husband was attacked with a knife. He lives in Stuttgart and was alone outside when a group of people approached him and wanted his phone. He was defensive when they gripped his shoulder, and then they pulled a knife. He could escape but was injured with several cuts in the arm. Fortunately he could get out of the situations with cuts only, but it’s still shocking because it could have ended worse. He could make it to the hospital and doctors took care of his wounds but he is still traumatized. Imagine, he would have been killed, for what? To get his phone? Disgusting.

It was of no surprise to me when I heard the attackers were people with a certain background. Politicians would call them “cultural enrichment”, I call them intruders and enemies of our values and laws if they come here to hurt people, or try to kill people. I do completely lose acceptance for this immigration and asylum policy. We need a change in Germany, we need to set up requirements, we need to stop giving the wrong people the right to stay in our country. We need to monitor and control the whole process. It’s not bad to help, but we must make sure that we help those that are thankful and interested to become members of our society, and not those that hate us. I am aware that many refugees want to live in peace here and do it, but it seems that a lot of criminals used the chance to get here too, this is what happens when a country does completely lose control. I am not against refugees or immigration, I simply demand that we control it.

It can not be that we have to suffer and that our places become dangerous and that crime continues to grow on this rate. Flooding the country with millions of refugees without checking who they are did of course mean trouble on the horizon and was the most stupid thing to do. It can not be that immigration is organized by people smuggler, it should be organized by Western organizations. Our politicians need a lesson, I know where to place my vote this year. I start to believe that there is a bigger agenda, that our government is driven by corporations, maybe they think they can get cheap labour and dump wages on us. I know, sounds like conspiracy, but I don’t see any other logic behind all of this. Meanwhile, citizens have to accept more risks on the streets, you just don’t hear about it every day, because the media wants to be accomplice as the government.

I am not accepting the acts of our government nor do I accept the ideas of our biased media that constantly spreads misinformation. The sad truth is that we import more and more crime, racism (yes, racism against us) and violence with the way how all of this is managed. It’s visible to the point that I hear bad stuff happening weekly, it’s happening around me, in our districts, a few streets away at night and daytime. Friends made their own experiences, and now even the family in the south. It’s not to hide anymore, it’s happening everywhere, the media is just not reporting about every case and prefers to call us all racists and nationalist, because some of us citizens criticize or point out the issues. Only when the case is too hot, like what happened in Cologne, then they report, but only after the government muzzle was released and after pressure became too big.

How can I support policies that welcome and defend criminals that commit such disgusting and gutless crimes? How can I support a government that is not capable of controlling refugee aid and doesn’t throw those out of the country that come here with hate and violence? This time it was much closer to us, pulling a knife to get his phone, how disgusting. I am glad he could escape, but I am sad that the police couldn’t catch the attackers. I am not religious, but there is no other way to express it, I wish they will burn in hell or get any serious punishment in life. So, many things are happening, right next to us, and politicians just slowly start to accept what they caused, probably just to fish some votes for the upcoming elections. I won’t trust them, they accomplice, they are the cause.

There are many victims of this government, and it seems that our government gets more and more difficulties to play their mind games with us. They are afraid, I know that because when I see that they do for example start to allow 16 years old teenagers to vote in Schleswig-Holstein, freshly in schools indoctrinated voters, then it’s to influence elections. They get more and more difficulties to pull their games on us, so that they experiment with different methods. Our governments always used a bag of tricks to change outcomes or statistics, but at some point this bag will be empty. These people are so ironic, they don’t even realize that newly created alternative parties are the devils that they called. I myself will gladly vote an alternative. The media and government can not force an opinion on me, and the harder they try, the further they drive me away.

The big question comes last… imagine Germany is at war or suffers from a civil war and I want to get out of here. Would I as a refugee be interested to stab and rob people in the country that gave me a chance to live a peaceful life? It’s insane, how is somebody that stupid? I say it again, I can’t imagine that any real refugee is that stupid, which leads me again to the theory that not only people who are in need of help came here, but that also criminals from Middle East countries used the Syria conflict as a chance to lengthen their criminal career, like a fresh start in another country. The fact that our authorities spotted people with Syrian fake passports and the fact that some could afford to pay $10.000 to smugglers does basically confirm it. It’s not about any race, it’s about the inability of our government to protect us against criminal foreigners. This will cause problems for many decades, and I just talk about criminals right now, there are also terrorists that used the chance. Even the police admits in different reports I saw in TV that the violent rise is insanity pure.

There are real people here making their experiences with this type of uncontrolled mass immigration and the government has still difficulties to admit their mistakes, I am not sure how this will not backfire at some point. This country is a nuthouse, self-destructive, absolutely borderline.

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