Below Eighty

I am still running regularly and I am surprised that I can keep my motivation, but now it feels like something is missing if I didn’t run one day. I definitely feel better if I did run because I feel more balanced, more relaxed and I can sleep through and that is a great improvement for someone who suffered from heavy sleep problems. I lose weight too obviously and while burning belly fat was the goal and the reason I started, that thought now went to the background because the other benefits are cool too. Currently we have a lot … Continue reading Below Eighty

The Guitar Store Problem

I am in the market for a new e-guitar since I am tired of my own. My guitar did a good service for that price but there are definitely much better guitars out there. When I wanted to play a great guitar, I borrowed the Fender 70`s American Standard Stratocaster of my grandpa and I really loved it. Sadly my grandpa had to sell this guitar so that this is no option anymore. Back then I played different Strats (as people call them too) in music stores, I developed a love for Strats with vintage pickups or vintage hardware in … Continue reading The Guitar Store Problem

Grey Heron Video And Photo

In this post I show you a photo of a grey heron (Ardea cinerea) again, but this time also a video as I basically promised in another post. Talking about the photo I must say that I am not happy with the quality, but often my 300mm lens is not enough and also in this case I had to crop heavily again. Anyway, photography is mainly about the subject and I am happy when I can get one of these shots, even if I have to crop. I also filmed the video with my 300mm lens, it’s a bit difficult … Continue reading Grey Heron Video And Photo

Beautiful Blossoms

I don’t know when and where exactly I took this photo, but I thought it looks beautiful and I want to have this in my personal online library of photos. As always when I upload a flowery photo, I have no idea what kind of plant this is. I find it much more difficult to research about plants than let’s say animals or birds. I hope you like this photo and if you are new to the blog, check out my photography portfolio if you are in the mood to take a look at photos. Continue reading Beautiful Blossoms

Beautiful Grey Heron

Since I started to run, I always try to run routes where I can see a bit of nature. Yesterday when I was running again, I noticed a grey heron and I was a bit mad that I did not have my camera with me. When I was in Reinfeld back then I noticed that grey herons often come back to the same ponds. So, with that in mind I packed my camera bag and wanted to hike the same route that I did run yesterday. I was quite happy when I saw the grey heron again, but this time … Continue reading Beautiful Grey Heron