Rainy Summer And Daydreaming

Raindrops on window

We have a quite mixed summer this year in Northern Germany. We had some warm and sunny days but there are always rainy days or weeks in between. Sometimes there is a storm coming up and you always notice this when it’s very humid during the day. I hated humid weather back then, but I can deal better with it now that I started to do more sports and running. I never had a problem with rainy days, they give you a break from the outside and you can start to think about all kind of stuff. Yes, I use those days for self-discovery. Is there any thing at the horizon that I want to do when the weather gets better? Did I forget some important tasks? During these days you can look back and find out if you missed some important things, you can plan what you want to next or you can just look inward or do nothing. I think life and tasks keep us stressed enough, and I am really an advocate of doing nothing at times. I don’t think that I always have to be entertained or on the go, I do really appreciate times when I can just close my eyes to daydream. Rainy days are perfect for this, and if you hear the raindrops dribble on the window, it’s extra soothing…

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