Star Wars Battlefront 2 Console Command List

Introduction As in many other Electronic Arts games, you’re able to use console commands in Star Wars Battlefront 2 either via the in-game console or with a config file. These commands have useful functions that you might not find in the games settings menu. With this article I will give you a list of Battlefront 2 console commands. See this article as an index of nifty Battlefront 2 console commands. In the first section you will find links to guides that I wrote about certain console commands. The second part is rather a complete list of all console commands that … Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront 2 Console Command List

Grey Goose

I found this photo of a grey goose in my library. During the warm seasons it’s quite easy to find them. Outside of the city they are often on fields or near water. But also in the city it’s possible to find them, for example in parks or near ponds. I don’t have many photos of this bird species on my blog and thought I upload this one to my grey goose category. I do already have 112 posts in my birds category, it’s funny because when I started with photography, I did not expect that I would take so … Continue reading Grey Goose