German Federal Elections 2017

German Electrions 2017 - Ballot

Above you can see my local ballot paper that I got yesterday in the morning. German federal elections took place and I always do go to polls. As always I was the first person in my electoral district to give a vote. No joke, I find elections so important that it’s basically my ritual to be the first person in the building. It’s simply that important to me, and by going early I make sure that no other things get into my way. If my ballot paper is in the box, I am happy and can do plan other things for the day. Now that the season changed, as same as the daytime light, I fight a bit with sleep problems again. However, the sleep problems clearly helped me, because I woke up several hours before the polling location opened. Other people sleep off on a Sunday, and it’s not an issue because they can vote in the afternoon too. But for me that meant that I could casually walk into the building to ballot for my party, and walk out of the building in under 5 minutes.

I never made a secret out of if on my blog and often wrote about my political opinions. I voted for the controversial party called “Alternative für Deutschland” (short: AfD). Translated the party would be called “Alternative for Germany”. And they really are an alternative in my opinion. I am really unhappy with the establishment, in fact I don’t see how all those established parties differ. They all have something in common in my opinion, they all are responsible for the clearance sale going on in Germany. They try to help this world on a way that they literally forgot the fears and wishes of their own citizens. I can’t vote for any party that doesn’t listen to my fears or wishes. I want to save the world too, and yes even refugees, but I don’t want to do it on a way that I myself, my friends or my family has to suffer. Helping doesn’t work on an unconditional way, I really don’t want that offering help is an unconditional action.

The “Alternative für Deutschland” is the only party that I could vote for since they are against everything (internal) that lead to the refugee crisis in Germany. I have an interest to live in peace too, it’s just not only about helping others. I don’t want more criminals in Germany, I don’t want more violence, I don’t want the insanity happening around me locally. I want that my grandma can go through the park on her way to the stores without being afraid. I don’t want to hear again that females I know have been sexually assaulted in the public. I don’t want to see again that a single person gets attacked by a crowd of bandits. I don’t want to help if those that come here threat us like shit. I don’t want to think about carrying a weapon to defend someone else or myself. I don’t want to see, read or hear every single day that a certain group of people did something bad again in our district. I want that someone makes sure that we don’t have to deal with this.

I did read every single election manifesto of all parties, and there is just one party that shares a consensus with me. It was the AfD and I am glad that I could help them to get into the Bundestag. It was totally expected that they would make it, it’s a quite new party but finally one that is listening to me. For now they will be just the opposition, but that alone is already great because now I feel like my voice is represented in the Bundestag of Germany. Earlier you had a bunch of established parties there, all speaking with the same voice, but now with a new voice in the room it will be more healthy. Also it is massive promotion for the party, now the voice will be heard. The fact that they made it into the Bundestag, that’s quite disruptive for the established parties. The voters of the old parties are dying, I knew a change would be coming but I think this is just the beginning. I wouldn’t be surprised if the AfD will get more votes than the CDU and SPD in four or eight years.

The CDU and Angela Merkel’s with her caused refugee crisis made the AfD basically popular. Listening to the TV interviews in the background right now, Martin Schulz from the SPD is butthurt and calls all AfD voters nationalists (laugh). The party “Die Grünen” talk the usual radical left-wing nonsense and as always they don’t refrain from insults against us citizens. At least the party “Die Linke” is a bit self-critical, but I often like how they do media interviews. And to be honest, Angela Merkel was kinda cute in the interviews, she admitted mistakes, especially related to the refugee crisis. She said they will now listen more to those that are affected by the refugee crisis. It’s really good when someone can admit mistakes, but reality is sometimes brutal, which means “A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth”. No, unless they really throw out the majority of barbarians they invited into our country, I will continue to vote for a party that they call right-wing populists.

I am totally happy with my vote, and I am happy a party that is listening to me could make it into the Bundestag. The other starry-eyed idealists got a lesson. They thought they would save people in the world by living in their closed luxury districts with security firms and exactly zero crime, while our districts were slowly converting to rat holes. No, I don’t like many of the things that I see outside, and if they call me nationalist or right-wing populist for pointing on every day issues, I don’t care anymore. No, the established or traditional parties are already done, I am monitoring the election trends since quite a while and I see where this is going in the future. What we see here is the slow death of the establishment, it takes time but we get there. In four years again, in eight years, it’ll be a piece less each elections. The more they deny our problems, the more they fight us by doing so, the faster they will face the end results.

7 thoughts on “German Federal Elections 2017

  1. Hi Dennis. You are a thoughtful conscientious democrat and I am sure it pains you to have to write in this way about Angela’s guests. I understand your reasons to vote AfD and I would do the same in your place, I am English. It makes me laugh the way the BBC and others call AfD voters the ‘extreme’ right, racists and fascist usw. It reminds me of Hilary calling normal pissed off conservatives in America the ‘deplorables’ because that is all it is – normal everyday decent people who wish to live in peace and respect but who have been ignored by our ‘progressive pure thinking/ leaders. I wish you well and that your voice gets heard by more people.

    1. Thank you Freddy. I think these days it’s so easy to see where the true fascists are. You can find them in large parts of the established media channels and political parties. They don’t respect a basic concept of a democracy, freedom of speech, the fact that people are free to have different opinions. By calling people nationalists or racists and so on, they show their true face and they are the only ones that make use of fascist strategies. It’s fear mongering, slander, misrepresentation and so on and on.

      What they don’t get is that they opened the can of worms on their own. I didn’t and still don’t know many people that are against refugees or immigration per se, it’s more that the people have an issue with the fact that our government did invite a million of them with zero control. Mostly young Muslim males, sadly often with propensity towards violence or other delicts as sexual assault and so on. The mass alone is an issue too, because who will pay for it if they don’t work as shown in recent reports? Also complex things happened like rental prices for apartments went to the roof and so on. Such a large wave of refugees has shown to stand in competition with us locals, it’s too much. And finally, how can you integrate so many people at once? Instead they created their parallel society and become criminal, roaming around at hot spots like our train stations, assaulting, robbing people and the police is almost powerless, forsaken by the government as well.

      My best friend is Turkish immigrant, I know him since over 30 years but he sais he had the advantage to come here, being put into another culture, like 1 Turkish kid in a school class of 19 Germans… he basically got a true chance to make this place his home and he did it. He is a super peaceful person, and you can always count on him. Nowadays you have school classes of 17 immigrants and 3 Germans. Or no-go districts with thousands of Muslims and barely Germans that would want to go through these streets. How can these people get a chance to learn our language, learn how our laws work, our culture? This is pure insanity if a politician thinks that this is a way how integration into our society works, because it absolutely doesn’t. They either put them into big camps, or later all at once in districts, that’s all.

      The place where I live became less peaceful, and by reading news I know this is not just a local problem, this happens in all major German cities. Immigration is fine, but it has to be regulated and there must be clear requirements for the person seeking help, such as learning our language, finding a job after settling-in period, accepting our culture as same as our values and laws, and so on. I don’t want to say that everyone who comes here is against our values, and I am fairly sure that there are quite some peaceful people but it’s sad that a large fraction did not come in peace, otherwise the whole thing wouldn’t have been called the “refugee crisis”. And this shows that something is wrong. Our politicians are in denial with the reality if they thought they could just open the flood gates without checking who the persons are that came here. I can’t see how unconditional mass migration can be sustainable, because there are so many issues with this. Also I am still absolutely not used to the fact that we now have people promoting Sharia in city shopping areas. But as it seems, voting AfD is a much worse delict compared to promoting Sharia laws in our streets. Pure insanity.

      Taking refugees is not really the problem, but taking millions of refugees at once without a real master plan of integration or regulation is a problem. There must be a true agenda if people pointing at these issues are called nationalists and what not by traditional media and parties. I myself, my family, my friends… as you said, we just want to live in peace, we don’t have the merit of living in a closed luxury district with own security firms. Maybe that’s why the establishes politicians are living in an alternate reality.

      I am like you, when I read the news I can’t stop laughing sometimes. I sometimes think I read satire in the news or interviews of politicians. Alone when they use words like populism…. this is a word that literally comes from the latin term called “populus”… which basically refers to the populace, the folk, people, a mass of people. On the Reichstags building there is the inscription “Dem Deutschen Volke” which means “To the German people”, or literally “We the ruling serve the folk”. They should remove the insrciption if they think listening to the voice of people is bad. The inscription is basically the definition of populism. If they are against us people, then I wonder why they are still in the parliament. Excessive use of populism as a negative term makes me wonder if they hate democrazy and listening to people.

      When it comes to terms like racists… I can just laugh too. I don’t know anyone who cares about nationality, race, skin color and what not. I did however hear that my cousin was called “German bitch” in her school for wearing clothes as every other western girl. I myself got randomly called “fucking German potato” on the street by a group of strangers once, one of them did even spit on the ground as a sign of hate against my race. But it’s probably nationalistic to notice this behaviour towards us western society people (laugh).
      This is the true issue, if you would openly say that some Muslims show racist behaviour, god, you would be named and shamed. It’s so insane.

  2. I am different than you because I don’t vote. Actually, I vote for issues, like constitutional amendments, but I rarely vote for people anymore. I now believe that all high-level candidates, no matter the party, owe somebody something and can’t be trusted to act in the best interests of the people.

    1. I understand that and you’re not wrong and I can even come up with a recent example (more about this in my second paragraph). There have been times when I didn’t vote either, for the same reason as yours because it’s hard to trust people and their parties. The last years it was different because there are a lot things going wrong here. To me this was also like a protest, because the established guys including the established media did basically hunt the AfD, like a witch-hunt, they compared them with people from our evil history and stuff like that. Yes, some of the AfD members did play the Donald-Trump drama game, but they also have a large moderate wing. With my vote I basically wanted to show the established parties that I don’t give a shit about any witch-hunt and many others wanted to do that too. The traditionals imported crime with their unregulated and unconditional migration policies… I think many voters wanted to tell the established parties that we don’t accept it if they continue to even let criminals and extremists into our country. Migration has to be regulated, if it’s not, there will be more crime and terror. Our cities are very unsafe now. But that’s just one of many issues.

      But just a day after the results I have been betrayed again. As you said, it’s almost imposible to trust people no matter what you vote. The AfD has a hardliner wing and a moderate wing as said. I mainly voted for them as I trusted their moderate and conservative people, less so the party members on their right-wing because some of them are really a bit insane and act like Trump and even worse. But just a day after the election, party spokesman Frauke Petry revealed that she would use her AfD deputy mandate, but not under the AfD name lol. So, she goes into the Bundestag, but indipendent not for the AfD. Imagine that… how can someone be so cheeky. Damn, she was one of the moderate AfD members and I trusted and liked her a lot… she backstabbed us voters. I knew she had trouble with some of the insane people in the party, but this move was still unexpected. She will now be in the Bundestag for no party, probably just for the four years and after that she gets a lifetime pension and can sit back forever. Sick backstabbing.

      Anyways, I still don’t regret my vote because it was a collective message. The established parties are now very fearful in the media interviews and concede that they didn’t listen to us citizens. They realized how fast voters can run away from them and vote parties like the AfD. A 3 years old party gets 13% and into the Bundestag, that’s a message to the establishement that we feel unheard. That’s all I wanted to achieve, that the established politicans wake up and listen to us in the future. There are issues, and if they don’t care, I gonna vote any party that will care even if it’s what they call a right-wing party or right-wing populists. This goal was definitely achieved by the AfD voters. I want that people can live in peace here, that we don’t have to be worried. I take internal security very serious and I want that this becomes a main topic, which seems to happen now. Listening to the media interviews of the established parties, it seems that it was a good decision to vote this year. Sometimes you can make people speak about things they don’t want to speak about 😀

      But as said, I get your point and I do agree. We have corruption problems here too. Quite often individual politicians are just puppets of a lobby and large corporations or industries. They might be independent when they are barely known, but that often seems to change at some point and you start notice that they become a match ball in the grand game.

      1. I stopped watching the news more than two years ago. I still see news on the internet but there is not much I can do about major problems or politics so I concentrate on making my personal life better and try to ignore the crazy things that our president and other leaders do.

        1. That’s what I could do too until they got into our personal space with their politics. I still can improve my personal life, but I can’t ignore what is happening right in our districts. I am fairly sure that new and alternative parties will get a large cookie of the votes if the established ones continue with their politics. And they know it now. For them it gets harder and harder to ignore us. I will vote their worst enemies again in four years (probably earlier on state-level elections) if they continue to mess around with us. I don’t want to wake up and having the feeling that I am on holidays in a broken islamic Middle-East country, because that’s how our districts start to look like. The police is overwhelmed with the exploding crime increase, they are forsaken by the government as well. I am not in the financial situation to live far outside of the city in a peaceful hidden village, otherwise I would do. So, right now it’s very difficult to ignore politics, because it’s affecting us here and now, next to our doors. I can change something, I can vote against established parties and make them stop ignoring our problems.

        2. Politics swing like a pendulum. Eventually, enough people will be pissed off enough to make things to swing back in the right direction. Of course, then there is a danger it will swing too far the other direction.

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