Give Me Five Cat

My cat Shyna knows quite a lot of tricks. When I shot the photo above, I said “Give me five” but in German. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she can do it if I say it in English. I say that because I taught her a lot of tricks and I noticed that she doesn’t only listen to me, it is also that she looks what my hands are doing. A flat horizontal hand for example does mean “Give me your paw”, while a vertical hand does mean “Give me five”. It works both ways, I can either use … Continue reading Give Me Five Cat

Taking it Easy

I thought I share one of my photos again. As you might have noticed, I didn’t do that very often recently. The main reason is that autumn starts and me and my friends, we are completely in PC gaming mood right now. When I spend time with my friends in computer games, I don’t want to spend extra time doing other things on the PC. That means I am currently not in the mood to spend additional hours to edit pictures or uploading them. Also, this autumn and winter I will probably try to work off my backlog of photos. … Continue reading Taking it Easy

Taking a Look Into the World of Warcraft Again

Above you can see the character I play in World of Warcraft since a very long time. I played the game since 2005 until around 2014 but after that I didn’t renew my subscription regularly anymore. I still played Mist of Pandaria to the end, but when Warlords of Draenor came out, I tested it and I pretty much disliked what they did with the game. To be honest, the glorious World of Warcraft days are over anyway, the game was fantastic when it came out, and the following two expansions Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King killed … Continue reading Taking a Look Into the World of Warcraft Again