WordAds Does Now Allow You To Customize Ad Placements

Here is a great news. As it seems, there are now options that allow WordAds users to customize the ad placements on their own sites. In other words, if you have WordAds enabled on your site, you will be able to decide where the ads are shown on your site. Previously it was quite inconvenient, because you had to contact the WordAds team to make any changes for you. But take a look on the following screenshot and you see what you can do on your own now!

WordAds Settings

You always could decide if you wanted to disable WordAds, or if you wanted to have it enabled for everyone, or if you only wanted to show ads to people who are not logged into WordPress.com. But new is that you now can customize where exactly on the sites the ads should be shown. You can decide if the ads are shown on the front page, posts, pages and archives or not. Then there is a section where you can decide if the ads should be shown on top of the site, below the posts and in the widget area, or if certain ad spaces should be disabled. This is a really great news, because as said, previously you had to contact them via mail to make such changes for you. The new settings are definitely handy. Read more about it on the official WordAds site.


2 thoughts on “WordAds Does Now Allow You To Customize Ad Placements

  1. Ooh, I didn’t know. Thank you, bookmarked for the next time I’m feeling brave enough to be all techy techy.

    I hope you and your family are doing okay.

    1. WordAds is really cool. I have it enabled for all users that are not logged in to WordPress. In other words, non-wordpress users see ads.

      We are fine… of course still a bit sad, but we need to move forward.

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