Binance Released A “Dust To BNB” Feature

Dust To BNB

There was an idea that was requested a lot by the Binance community. People who traded a lot on Binance might have ended up with some partial coins that you can’t trade, the so-called dust. Since it’s impossible to trade less than 1 coin, you would at some point have tiny fractions left over and this sums up if you made many short-term trades across different coins. Apart from that, people thought it would be annoying to see the partial coins. That’s why they asked for a feature that was often called “Dust Collector”. And you know what? Binance listened!

It’s now possible to convert your dust to BNB, the Binance Coin. You can find this feature when you log in. You have to hover your mouse over the “Funds” link, and then you click on “Balances” in the menu that pops up. There you will find a button that says “Convert to BNB”. When you click the button, it can convert all your coins to BNB that are less worth than 0.001BTC, but before that actually happens, you will see a list where you can add or remove coins, just in case you don’t want to trade all coins. It’s pretty great that Binance listened!


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