How To Create More Ethereum Addresses In MetaMask

In this small tutorial you will learn how to create more accounts or Ethereum addresses in MetaMask. It’s actually quite easy but hidden behind a button so that some people might not find it right away. This is basically because the extension is quite compact and some settings aren’t apparent at first sight. So, let’s take a look now. To create new MetaMask accounts you need to follow these steps…

  1. If you didn’t already, click on the MetaMask button in your browser and log in and pay attention to the whole MetaMask interface.
  2. At the top right corner you will see a button that looks like a manikin surrounded by circular arrows as shown in the screenshot at the end of my post.
  3. Click on it and a menu will pop up and there should be an entry called “Create Account” that you can use to make a new address.
  4. Done! But if you like you can even rename the account by hovering your mouse of the name and clicking on “edit”.

MetaMask Account Menu


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