How To Export Your Private Keys In MetaMask

In this small guide you will learn how to export your private keys in MetaMask. But one thing you need to know right away is, that you can create several accounts or Ethereum addresses in MetaMask. With that said, every address or account you created will have an individual private key! This is very important to know if you created more than one account withing your MetaMask wallet. It means, in this case you want to export the private keys of each account individually. But for this tutorial, let’s assume we just want to export the private keys of “Account 5″…

MetaMask Account

As you can see, there are three dots next to the “Account 5” label. It’s possible click on the three dots button and a menu will pop up with several options. Since we are interested to export the private key of this account, the entry “Export Private Key” is important for us. Next we will need to confirm with our MetaMask password and once we done that, we can either copy-paste the key into a text file, or we can just download the private key as a file. I hope this makes clear how to export a private key of a certain account in MetaMask. And again, since you can create more than one account, it’s important to know that each account has an individual private key. So, if you want to back them up all, you need to do this with each account!


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