We Need A Hard Stance Against Criminal Migrants

Reading the local news these days, or listening to people who experienced something first-hand, that is very upsetting. In this post I want to give a small impression of what our politicians mean with “Our country has never been as safe as today”. I will talk about things that happened within 10 day in our small city, but it is not much different if you go back another 10 days, and these are just excerpts of the things that happen. Our city has been peaceful once, but that is a very long time ago. But this is not the only difference, the next difference is that most of us are very well aware why that happens and who is causing it. And I could argue it’s just in my city, because here is where I can experience things, or where I read news, but it’s even more sad when you realize it’s everywhere the same because you have friends spread across Germany with their own individual experiences and stories. But now about my city…

Over the last days, we had it all. In chronological order, it started with an armed robbery of a local super market. During the same day someone also broke into a casino. A couple of days later two bulldozers were set on fire, the caused damage is about 400.000 Euro. A day later two womans have been attacked, they got sprayed with pepper spray and then they got a beating. Days later two persons got asked for the time, and five minutes later the person came back to threat them with a knife, because he wanted their mobile phones. Two days later, a person attacked people in a bus with a knife, and several people have been seriously injured, three with very critical condition, including one tourist from the Netherlands. The attacker was from Iran, he also dropped a bag filled with combustive agents and it is now known that he planned to kill everyone in the bus. If that would not be enough, a day later my little cousin was in the city and heard gun shots, later we have read the news, someone was threatening passants in the city with a gun. And I did just mentioned the more serious crimes, the list is much longer. And it’s every week, every month the same.

So, like often, there was a lot of chatter about the things that happened and how our city has changed. And it’s difficult to mince matters, because somehow if there was a serious crime, there is a high chance that it was yet again a Middle Eastern or African immigrant. I wish it would not be the case, but people realize it sadly often is. And people are sick of ignoring it. A friend of mine said it correctly, the media is now even afraid to mention the origins of the perpetrators. Mainly because we’re at a tipping-point, since especially young people openly admit that they’re sick of all the shit and how dangerous it has become, and how fast situations can escalate if you meet certain groups that our politicians see as “cultural enrichment”. The media and politicians, both have no interest in it that the AfD gets even more votes in the future. So, they try to pull off all kind of tricks, telling people a few things but not the truth. They all are afraid of the AfD.

But we know which party we need to vote for to make our country safer again, and it is the AfD. We don’t worry if they want to hide details about the origin, people read two or three news articles until they find details about the origin, because one news paper will mention it. So, at the end we find out who did it. And we talk about the origin, we share these information’s with each other when we talk. We know exactly what type of persons making our places more dangerous. And we don’t even care if it’s political incorrect to talk about the origin, because like a friend said, our self-preservative drive should forbid us to neglect these very important details. As you wouldn’t accept a venomous snake in your living room, you also shouldn’t have to accept criminal immigrants in your country.

Because you want to live in peace, not just you, you want it for everyone else around you. I don’t want that safety becomes a thing of the past, but we’re on that way. Also we’re aware that our government does give away German passports for free to anyone, but that doesn’t make a person German, not even if politicians or the media likes to press this idea on us. Surprise, surprise, this type of manipulation isn’t working anymore either, they should just try something else. We’re not that naive. Trying to pull off all kind of statistical tricks is the reason why people rather would think of the established media channels when they hear the term “fake news”. And when politicians are that manipulative, they’re seen as equally desperate.

We don’t see criminal immigrants that are incompatible with our values as Germans, we see them as criminals that should have no business here in our country, and we would have no issues to send them back into their war-zones. That’s how me and my friends think about it, and several people in my family or literally everyone and your neighbor. We welcome people, but we don’t welcome people who shit on our values. We don’t fall for this stupid game of media manipulation anymore. We see criminal immigrants as something they are, people who should never have been able to enter our country, and if they for some reason did, they should have absolutely no right to stay. The establishment can leave out facts, it just makes things worse for them.

They can disable comment sections on news pages, it makes the issue of ignorance just more apparent. They can call us nationalists, it goes into one ear and out of the other. Ironically, this type of ignorance and outrageous manipulative behavior is the reason why more and more people want to vote for the AfD. This is why the AfD has been a sure-fire success. The established parties and the media just drove a lot of people in the right direction with their ignorance. That’s the irony, and if this trend continues, it’s a good one because I’d appreciate if we have a government in the future that does take care who can enter our country and who shouldn’t again because of a criminal history for example. Yes, for them the borders should be closed, it’s that easy.


I kid you not, if you have been surprised about the fact that the AfD got into the Bundestag in Germany with the last elections, wait for the next elections, because the trend line is very clear. But since other European countries made similar mistakes, you have probably heard that there is a beginning shift in several countries in Europe. But talking about Germany and the AfD, I’d eat a broom if the trend doesn’t continue and if their results won’t improve further with the next 4 or 8 years. The party is a sure-fire success because of the established parties that ignored our issues way too long. When politicians and the media ignore what citizens have to endure, they’ll need to get another lesson with the next elections, and I am sure some people will be very shocked.

Like a friend said “They’re don’t even notice it that their ignorance is the reason why the political landscape is shifting”. It’s really funny that they really don’t get it why more and more citizens start to get pissed. With uncontrolled mass immigration, they cause destabilization. When you don’t show a hard stance against criminal immigrants, you show a hard stance against your own citizens, and then you don’t have to wonder if more and more citizens will show a hard stance against you. This, and this alone is why certain groups use terms like “Lügenpresse” (Lying press) when they think about the media, or terms like “national traitors” if they think about established politicians. I don’t blame these groups or individuals on protests, because they have a point with these words.

The rampant and uncontrolled mass immigration of mainly combat-capable Middle Eastern men is the cause of the steep growth of crimes in our country. Point. Everyone knows it, everyone sees it, everyone experiences it, unless they live in a peaceful village (like I did for a half-year, and yeah that was a real difference compared to what you experience in a city) or in a fenced and protected luxury district. Some leftist can do whatever they want, they can deny facts, they can call us nationalists, they can break out in tears that more and more people see the reality. Who cares? Many people, including myself won’t close the eyes. It’s in fact not even possible, because just a couple of days ago I’ve been near the train station, while one person of the so-called “cultural enrichment” looks at me with disgust and says “What do you look you fuck German?”. I didn’t even look at him, he was just a deluded trouble maker but fortunately I could avoid further anger about my race by just keep moving. But in the news you hear regularly that Germans get attacked with a knife, so you see these things can escalate quite easily, because of the hatred against us.

Is it the first time? No. Am I alone? No. It happens more often than you think, and you know what? This is true racism. Actually the biggest problem with racism we have in Germany. The truth is, I won’t be afraid to walk through the streets just because a racist or religious immigrant is looking for trouble. If these persons hate us Germans so much, they can make a choice, and in that case the best choice would be to leave our country, going back where they came from. We won’t even miss these type of persons. Don’t they have balls? What type of cowards are they? Are they afraid of war? So, how comes that these individuals bring hatred and violence to our country? This is what I think when one of these guys looks at me with disgust, I’m just thinking he’s a pitiful coward. It’s already mutual, he probably can’t even imagine how fast he would sit in a plane on the way back to his country of origin if I would have a saying. In fact we all think that, we regularly talk about this cowardice, these racists.

We see criminal immigrants as cowards and we know exactly what we need to do the next years, and this means voting for parties that want to stop this mess. Cowards because they do even beat up womans and girls, they sexually assault them, call them “German bitches” and what not. That’s why we say they are cowards. Even if they attack males they are cowards, because it’s either happening with a knife or they in a group and assault one person. This makes you want to get loose gun laws, even if you previously disliked the idea. Seriously, being in a group and attacking a person, jumping on the head when he is still on the ground, these brutes would deserve it to get shot during self-defense if guns were allowed. And how often are these stories in the news? Regularly. But even then all you read is victim blaming, these poor mentally ill migrants, you could just walk away if they attack you. Pure insanity. The victim blaming makes people angry. What people demand is peace, and what they start to demand too is safety, because we barely still have police on the streets, and the rest can’t keep up with the crime increase either.

How stupid do you have to be as a politician to not see that all these issues are the reason why more and more people want a change? How must a victim feel like if certain politicians deny it, what crime statistics show already very well too, even without the dark figures of crime caused by the massive German passport giveaways! Also the regular victim blaming, it’s outrageous. Do they really think this will work forever? Do they think we are stupid? Even if they say on a very authoritative way that we need to accept the things how they are, I tell you something, I don’t and I won’t, and I’m not alone. The number is increasing, and again, I will eat a broom if the change won’t happen sooner or later. It’s a democracy, and hopefully we won’t always have to endure governments that cause damage to our country, to our security. I think they need a reality check, because we don’t have to accept anything. We generally don’t accept orders how to think and what to accept, especially not from politicians that are the root of the problem.

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