Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

I still have tons of photos of my time in Reinfeld. On the photo you see the large pond they have. It’s not a river, it’s really a pond. Once in a year they literally pull the plug and dry the pond out. No joke, they have small canals and water mills to do it. On that way they catch all the big fishes. That’s quite effective, huh? I’ve seen that with the smaller ponds surrounding it, but I’ve heard they do it with the large one too. I think it often happens in October. Continue reading Reinfeld Nature in Black and White

Healthier Habits

I like spreadsheets and graphs, because they’re useful to interpret data and because it’s generally fun to create them. I worked a lot with spreadsheets and graphs in my life, but also privately it makes sense in some cases, for example if you want to document what type of effect regular running has on your weight, or if you want to document what goes in and out of your piggy bank. I like the fact that spreadsheets and graphs can help me to achieve long-term goals. There is something about looking at graphs, because they make you realize your actions … Continue reading Healthier Habits