The Corporation Smile And Some Annoying Things In Our Society

Faked Smile

With a history of depression, I am kinda happy that this is not a big issue anymore. But to be honest, there are days or weeks where I am getting close to the borderline of depression again. This week was one of these cases again. Some rather simple things didn’t work out well, and it was one of those weeks where I got exasperated by the madness of bureaucracy that our modern life turned into. In other words, I lost a lot of time because a paper was missing or other small issues, resulting in more and more legwork.

The icing on the cake was today when I dealt with a banking corporation. My banking institute messed something up last week, it was about a payment. Calling their hotline was a complete joke, because I got the impression they working together with unskilled call centre agents that have no clue about banking at all. As it is today, they probably don’t even sit in a banking office, it’s most likely outsourced, they sit far away. So, I thought, why should I waste my time if they have no clue? I had the glorious idea to visit the local bank office. Back then you could just walk in there and talk with someone if you would be ok with a bit of waiting time, but nowadays it seems that you can’t even do that anymore. Now they have a reception, and I explained my issue there but even if I said that the issue must be solved right now, these two corporation womans just smiled and repeated several times “We can give you an appointment for next week”. The smile, oh my…

Now you can get some insights into my depressive world of thoughts. You know what I think about the corporation fake smile? It’s the “I want a punch in the face” smile, and the only reason why I don’t punch someone in the face is because I want to move respectable through life. I just don’t want to cause issues, nor do I want to hurt someone, however, I am not surprised if a desperate stranger can’t hold back anymore. Because, to be honest? The modern day makes people go insane, if one person goes bonkers, it might be the result of too many issues, and the insanity we have to bear with every day might just trigger that person. That’s my depressive perspective. What I mean is, I don’t endorse it if someone goes nuts, but I am not surprised anymore if any of the bullshit situations in our society are triggering someone who has nothing to lose anymore. If that happens, it’s probably more complex than the news want or can tell us.

Take the reception alone, it was a tiny area without much privacy. I could even hear the lady in front of me explaining her issue. As far as I understood, the bank did mess something up with a rather large sum of money. It’s a real no go that I can stand behind her and hear all the details about her issue. They should just invite people into the back area with the tables, where they can explain their issues in privacy. Instead, the two banking womans smiled at her and I heard “Sorry, we can just tell you what we already told you”. The old woman left the bank, not without screaming with a desperate and whiney voice “This bank stole my money, you will hear from my lawyer”. Imagine that lady would have a lot more issues in life (nothing to eat anymore, a person in the family died or what not). That’s what I meant when I said I don’t endorse it if someone goes bonkers, but I can see how something like that could be the last straw so that a desperate person goes bonkers and punches someone in the face or worse.

It’s exasperating, people just want to solve their issues, but if a whole week consists of talking with people on the phone that have no clue, or that you become postmen because a stupid tiny detail is missing because they want you to run again since they need this on paper, it’s really no wonder if I read in the local new paper again that someone went nuts. Don’t worry, I’m in control of myself, because I have things to lose, but maybe you get my point. Corporations, authorities and all the other stupid stuff in modern life, it’s just exhausting sometimes. I’m just not surprised anymore if someone can’t keep cool like I do. The set of rules in our society are so borderline, that it is absolutely no wonder if it causes borderline behaviour.

And then again, if you have an issue that needs to be solved as soon as possible, because otherwise the issue will turn into a bigger one, you have a stupid person in front of you with this ugly fake corporation smile, telling you that you need to be patient and take the appointment next week. This is where I usually take the appointment and go home, because there is no other way to solve the issue, knowingly that the bitch with the smile can’t do anything for me, because she’s also just a labour slave that takes orders from those that exploit her to get massively rich. Like I am, that corporate lady is also just a tiny number in this world. In another moment, she is probably facing very similar issues, just somewhere else with a different service or company. It’s guaranteed, because that’s how it is for every one of us. This is my depressive world of thoughts. The reality is, the stupidity in our life guarantees it that she has to bear with very similar issues. This modern world is overly complicated, and it makes you cool down if you realize that even those with the fake smile face very stupid issues in their lives. They have to go through all that idiocy, legwork and paperwork as well, and that regularly.

Have you ever seen the movie “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas? If not, I suggest to do that. It’s pretty much about the tiny bullshit in our society. It’s somehow a socio-critical movie. In this movie, Michel Douglas is an unemployed defense worker who gets more and more frustrated with the bullshit set rules in our society, he then slowly turns into a psychopath. I think the movie starts with a scene where he is stuck in a traffic jam, and it’s loud and exhausting. He then gets a panic attack…

Here is a scene where he ask the gas station owner to give him change so that he can make a phone call, but he is then told to buy something first. He grabs a Coca Cola but with the price of 84 cents, there would not be enough left to make the phone call. That’s pretty classic too, because that’s really how it is today. Here in Germany you can’t get change anymore if you don’t buy anything, and I’ve heard it’s because so many stores have been robbed on that way. Ironically, if you would be a robber, you would just grab a small item to buy, and the cashier would need to open the checkout anyway. You could bring that argument if you are upset about it, but the sales person would just smile and tell you again that she can’t give change. But then again, you know they just execute orders they got from above. But these are the tiny bullshit moments in life that are upsetting, although not as much as Michael Douglas is upset about it in the movie (laugh). But that’s what I like about the movie, it deals with the bullshit issues in our society. I like how critical the movie is about the things…

He’s already losing his mind, and the bullshit things of our society are basically triggering him, so that he more and more freaks out. Here is a scene where he comes a few minutes too late to get breakfast at a fast food restaurant, because they’re at lunch menu time now. But he wants breakfast not a lunch menu! Corporation smile included…

I don’t suggest you to freak out because of tiny issues like he is doing in the movie (laugh), but I think you got my point. I like the socio-critial aspect of the movie, how the society makes a mountain out of a molehill in many cases. There is so much idiocy in our daily lives. It’s unbelievable. Many of the things are so hard to comprehend.

I’m certainly not as frustrated as Michael Douglas in “Falling Down”, but some things really can give you a lot of headache. It’s annoying. Corporations for example, they seal themselves off from customers, with smiling womans behind reception desks or “hotline bots” because they don’t want to admit their issues anymore, they want to make it difficult for your to get your rights. Something that helps me personally is to know that I can in the worst case get to my rights by contacting a lawyer. It might be annoying if things take time, but knowing that you are in the right, that will keep you cool. Because at the end, you get them. But the sad truth is, that’s why they play hide and seek, because I’m sure 90% of the citizens just will give up. I’m pretty sure it works. They make the things more complicated so that they can rip off stupid citizens. So, that is something that really helps, when you tell yourself that you are not stupid.

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