Comfortable Living

Above is a snapshot of my cat Shyna that I took yesterday with my Samsung Galaxy tablet. We both were relaxing on the couch and I watched YouTube videos on my TV while Shyna was slowly falling asleep. Here is a question for those with cats. Have you noticed this too? Does the purring sound make you very relaxed and sometimes very tired too? If I listen long enough to the purring of Shyna, I fall asleep too. I believe there is something about this frequency that makes me very tired. Have you noticed the same too? Continue reading Comfortable Living


Here is an old photo I shot with a smartphone or maybe with my older point and shoot camera. I browsed through my older library and wanted to upload the photo. I think I shot a whole set of photos that day back then, which means it might be that I showed already similar photos on my blog once. Everyone knows it, but if you are new to my blog, this is my beautiful cat Shyna. Today I’ve been a bit depressed, but when you come home and you see your cat, you’re getting into a happy mood again. Continue reading Beauty

You Don’t Need to Learn a lot About Music Theory if you Want to Play Guitar Solos

I am not sure anymore how often it happened, but I heard it quite often. It usually goes like “Wow, you can play guitar solos, you must know a lot about music theory”. Friends said that often, or I had people asking on my YouTube videos what type of scales I would use in my solos. The reality? I have no clue, and I couldn’t care less. I don’t want to analyze music, I want to make music. Usually when I said something like this, the next reply would be “But how did you learn to play the guitar if … Continue reading You Don’t Need to Learn a lot About Music Theory if you Want to Play Guitar Solos

Relaxed Cat

Above is a snapshot that I shot a couple of days ago with my phone. I was relaxing on my couch, and Shyna did the same but on the backrest of the couch. I sometimes find it very funny in what type of positions she can rest. I think cats can make use of any space, no matter if it’s a tiny cardboard, a small backrest and so on. It doesn’t matter for them, they feel comfy everywhere. Continue reading Relaxed Cat

It Cooled Down

Don’t mind the bad smartphone snapshot above, I’m just using it because it fits to what I want to say. I shot the photo days ago. It actually cooled down over the weekend and we had it a bit stormy. This was long-awaited and everyone was happy about it, including myself. Today was a bit humid again for two hours, so it might be that the horror heat wave will come back. I hope not. But this weekend was very cool, literally. At home it’s now bearable too, because now I could air thoroughly. I used the time to play … Continue reading It Cooled Down