How to Hide the User Interface in World of Warships

Screenshots Without User Interface I often like to take screenshots, either because I need them for articles that I want to write here on my website, but also because I like to have a personal screenshot collection on Steam. There are probably tons of reasons why people take screenshots. It’s especially interesting in games like World of Warships because the developer did put a lot of love into designing the ships since they are very detailed. But screenshots look best without the UI, so that’s what we will talk about here. In this small guide you will learn how to … Continue reading How to Hide the User Interface in World of Warships

Historic District In The Evening

I thought I share a photo with you because lately I was a bit more silent. I played a lot more guitar than doing anything for my blog. Apart from that, real life kept me busy as well. But if you know me, that’s how I always dealt with my blog. Sometimes I am quiet, and other times I am annoying you with tons of posts per days (laugh). So, I went through my photo library and found the picture above. I shot the photo in November 2016 in the evening. I remember that I did pack my camera into … Continue reading Historic District In The Evening

Good Night

Tired cats do always find a place to sleep. I thought I show you a photo of my cat Shyna again. I pretty much liked the colored version, but in black and white it worked even better. I decided to convert the photo to black and white because due to the closed red curtain in my living room, there was a heavy reddish tone in the photo. It was not too bad, but black and white definitely worked better here in my opinion. That’s usually how I edit photos, I look at the pros and cons, and then I make … Continue reading Good Night

Hidden Cat

Here is a photo that I shot in July. One of the reasons I like to walk through the garden areas in our districts is that you often can find cats. Many of the garden renters have cats and they roam around freely since there are usually no streets close. So, when it comes to photography and taking photos of cats other than my own cat, the garden areas are always the best places to start with. My Tamron 300mm always helps with that, because that’s enough range to get pretty close even if they are hidden 20 meters away … Continue reading Hidden Cat